Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year; New Start

No Jibber Jabber this week, just because i knew this would be a longer post, and im sure you all get fed up of reading them all the time.

I firstly wanted to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read, follow, and/or comment on my blog, i sarted it in the summer as a way of blabbering on about things no one i know really wanted to talk much about. After a month or two i gave up, until i got back to uni, then decided to see what i could really do. I know its nothing majorly spectacular, or even that big, but it means so much to come on here and see i have another follower, another twitter request, or another comment. It really puts a smile to my face as im still a nobody in the blogging world. I don't know how half of you found me, but im so glad you did.

I don't really have any new years resolutions, if i call them that, i wont stick to them, from now on, they'll be called changes. My changes include taking more time to do my blog, focusing more on my uni work, and losing weight (as im sure most peoples includes!)

For the first time in my blog history, here is a "proper" photo of me. I suppose ive been doing this thing long enough and i feel more confident with it. Please be nice. :)

Tonight i'll be at home, with my boyfriend, a few friends and my mum and sister. Nothing spectacular (i work in a club and i don't fancy working, nor do i fancy the prospect of going to a club for NYE) so we shall all be here, getting our drink on and not paying £876379 for a taxi fare home, lol.

Lastly, i'm hoping to do some work to my blog over the next week or so. Layout/desgn wise. So bear with me while i try and learn all the HTML and whatnot i need to know to make it look (a hell of a lot) better.

Before i post this last entry of 2010, i just wanted to thank you all again, and i hope you all have an amazing night whatever you get up to. xx

Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Hair-Off: Losers of 2010

So this is the last in my "collection" of winners and losers of the hair and face-off of 2010.

Here are my hair-off losers:

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends split end protection cream
Schwarzkopf pro styling heat protection
Shockwaves Tame It straightening cream
Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray

Have any of you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Hair-Off: Winners of 2010

Like the face-off earlier in the month, here are a few of my favourite hair products from over the past 12 months.

Do you agree or disagree with any of these? What would you add?

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Its Chriiiistmassssss!!

Just a quick post to wish all my lovely followers a very merry christmas.

I hope you've all had a nice day and Santa got you everything you were after.

I'm looking forward to the sales tomorrow and bracing some of the shops with my presence in the hope of getting rid of money i don't actually have.

Me & mum took my two dogs for a walk earlier, this is what the park looked like. Unfortunately the snow was more powdery, so we couldn't make proper snowballs. But the dogs still loved it :)

Have a god evening. Eat, drink and be merry!


Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Time!

Eurgh, how fat does my fingers/hand want to look?!

Sorry for lack of posts recently, (i know im forever saying that!) i managed to make it back from Joes okay on Wednesday after a bad start to the day. But the motorways were fine and it took me about 2 hours, like it normally does. So i was very pleased. 

The ring above is something i've wanted for ages. Joe knew i wanted one and bought it me and gave it me as an early present as i wont be seeing him till the day after boxing day, i'm not sure where he go it from, but i love it. :)

Are you all excited for xmas? I done the rounds today with cards and prezzies for my friends. All out prezzies are sitting nicely under the tree ready for tomorrow. Ill take a picture of it and upload it in a post soon.

My giveaway will be going on in the new year like i said a couple of months ago, so get thinking about maybe what you would like to se included. I already have a few bits, i will be adding to it soon though and reveal more within time! :)

What are your holiday traditions? Tonight we'll be playing board games, eating lots of chocolate and watching films infront of the fire, then wake up to find hat santa's been and left a stocking at the end of my bed (which he normally kindly puts a satsuma in!..cheers!)

Hope you all have a lovely xmas and get everything you've asked for. 

Dont forget to let me know what sorts of things you want in the giveaway!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Jibber Jabber

Hey guys and girls, sorry i've not posted in a couple of days. It has been manic.

As i'm sure you're all aware, the weather has got mega bad, and we've finally got snow here in Gloucestershire. Only problem is today was supposed to be our uni xmas meal, thats been called off and some of us have tried to go home. 
Me and Joe were supposed to be going to his for a few days before i head home to Oxford for xmas with my family, but when my housemate got me up at 11am to tell me she was going, we panicked and decided it would be a better idea to head off in the daytime rather than after the meal tonight (not thinking it would actually snow tonight) but after having to pop to Halfords to get a new wiper (the rubber bit on the wiper blade came off last night) we decided that the snow was getting heavier and we should eave sooner rather than later. Packed the car full of Mine and Joes stuff and as we got to the roundabout that's about 5 minutes from the motorway, we decided it wasn't such a good idea and turned back. I also found out my housemate got about 20 minutes out of Cheltenham and ended up in a verge at the side of the road, so she also drove back and will be getting the train home tomorrow. Luckily she's ok.
Im genuinely gutted. Ive been wanting snow for a while, but not when i wanted to go home. So now we're in limbo. thinking we want to go tomorrow but it probably won't happen till Monday, then i go to Oxford on Wednesday (Joes from Stoke, so its about 2 hours drive) If worst comes to worst ill be getting a train home from his to mine. My mum told me on the phone that she would rather me stay at Joes if the weather stayed bad than drove home in bad weather for xmas. Its so sad. :(

I had taken some photos of bits i wanted to show you, but thought id do a jibber jabber because i didnt do one at the beginning of the week like i had planned. Never mind.

Also, before all of this, i wanted to put up a photo of myself from photobooth, but we literally got up and left today, so i look like crap. Hense no photograph.

What else? i managed to get the majority of my xmas prezzies and wrap most of them. Looking forward to putting them under the tree.

Anyway, i just wanted to do a quick update, if you follow me on twitter you'll know more about what's going on.

Hope you're all keeping safe in this weather. Has it disrupted anyone else's plans?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Face-Off: Winners Of 2010

Continuing on from my last post, here are my winners of the face-off!

Mac 187
I got this back at the beginning of summer, i was so excited to get it, but after paying about £30, i really didn't want to use it to make it dirty (ha!) but its such a good brush, if you have to money to spend on a foundation brush, i definitely recommend this one. its amazing! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation.
I've been using it a few months, i'm not sure about their colour range as i usually just look for the lightest ones, but this one matches me really well. I love the formulation of it and i like that its matte. Im not a fan of the shiny face!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
The only thing i don't like about this is the price, other than that, its such a good mascara. It separates your lashes and adds length well.

Sleek's twist-up eye pencil.
I've only been using it for about a week, but its so smooth and goes on well! A very good eyeliner if you like something similar to a khol, but don't like liquid liners.

What products win your face-off? any of the one's i've mentioned?

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Face-Off: Losers Of 2010

Over the past few day's i've been thinking of the best and worst products i've tried this year, I'm going to separate them up into 
best and worst, hair and face
So, Here are my personal losers of the face-off.

Number one has to be L'Oreal's "Perfect Clean" 
The scrublet sold it to me initially, but after using it a couple of times, it made my skin completely dry up, go flakey and all bumpy. I just didn't react well to it.

Number two, E.L.F's "Small smudge brush"
I thought it would be good for eyeliner, or when im doing detail face-paint for fancy dress. I was wrong. Its really scratchy and now never gets used.

Number three, Natural Collection's "Tinted Moisturiser"
You know when you're in a panic because you forget your make-up and dash into boots to find something cheap for the night? That was where i picked this loser up. I wasn't expecting it to be brilliant for £2, i just needed something until i could get my normal one. This was thick, didnt blend onto the face well, and as soon as i touched my face, it became patchy. I will never ever repurchase this again.

Number four, E.L.F's "Natural Radiance Blusher"
When it arrived in its flimsy, cheap-looking packaging i had my doubts, but it seems to just create a mess and not actually bother giving you much product on the brush. Cheap fail!

What have been your loser face products of 2010?

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mens Gift Guide

Evening Girls!

With xmas coming up, i thought i would compile a few things that may be good gifts for boyfriends/friends/dads or brothers. Hopefully there's something for everyone. Everything is linked below.


What are you thinking of buying the guys in your life this xmas?

Thursday, 9 December 2010


After waiting a month, today i finally received my Sleek order! Its been annoying me so much recently that i've had to e-mail so many different people, get no response, try an find a phone number (that doesn't work) and eventually go mad at the general manager. 

They had such poor customer service, to say the least. 

Yesterday, after waiting days for my order that was apparently dispatched Thursday of last week, i decided that enough was enough. I heard back from the general manager who told me it wasn't actually dispatched and it would be dispatched tomorrow (today) i went mental and replied with a pretty pissed off e-mail. I told him that id been waiting for far too long, i wanted my postage refunded and i wanted it sent by courier on next day delivery for the aggravation, annoyance and time wasting they had caused me (amongst lying, ignoring and being generally shit!) He replied and agreed, so it eventually turned up today. I don't think i've ever had to wait so long for a parcel that should supposedly take 3-5 working days.

Anyway, thats the downs, on the up side, the make-up is good and although it was a looong wait, it was worth it. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and the nail varnishes are surprisingly much better than i thought. I've already got quite a few sleek products, but i'm glad i did get the bits i bought as it comes in at such a steal for 50% off.

For anyone wondering, i would buy their products again, but from Superdrug. I'd never waste my time on their site. I didn't want this post to reflect how bad their customer service is or how not only me, but many other people have been pissed around by them, but the "50% off event" was completely un-organised and ridiculous. They need to work on the problems they encountered with this sale before they even conceder doing another one. (Which they are apparently doing, for anyone that missed out. Beware!)

I don't plan on really doing reviews or anything in this post as i'll wait till i use them, but for now, here's a few of the bits i got.

Did anyone else buy anything from them or try and get anything? How did you get along with it?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jibber Jabber

How depressing is this weather? Anyone outside of the UK has probably read blogs on the depressingness (is that even a word?) of the weather here at the moment. Its constantly foggy, cold and dreary! In the Midlands it's not even snowing properly. We keep getting bits of.."rice" (as Joes housemate calls it) where its like all flakey, but not thick enough to settle. Its depressing. I want a snow fight!
I accidently left my coat at home this weekend and stupidly didnt realise till i got back to uni on Sunday evening, what an idiot! So after having abit of a go at Joe (not that it was his fault) we went to town today to do some crimbo shopping and  managed to grab a new one (not that i like it, but needs must!) I was hoping to pop back home again this weekend for my mums birthday, but i'm mega skint and have been given the chance to work at Cheltenham Racecourse (look online for jobs if you live in the Midlands) During gold cup week last year i worked for Tote (bookies) on the grounds and managed to make a decent ammount of wages + tips, but i havn;t worked for them since March and the computer things they use are mega confusing (you have to know each and every type of bet..its confusing for someone that don't have a clue!) but Joe worked for the carparkin company, its roughly the same money and id only be working in the morning, so ive decided to do that for a couple of days so i can make some serious moolah!

I bought some more fairy light when i went to the 99p shop the other day (oh how exciting is my life!?) so it would look more festive. It looks more cosy than festive, but i like it. So now im sat in my "cosy" freezing room thinking about better times. Mainly New York back this Easter

I dont think ive spoke much about New York in older posts? i dont know, but back in Easter i decided to take my work placement out in New York. (As you may know) i do a Graphic Design course at uni, and one of the modules is doing work experience/placement/interning at a design studio for a minimum of 2 weeks. When i was in college i managed to e-mail a design company called Vault49, they e-mailed me back (which i never expected) and a couple of years later when i was thinking about work placements, i went there. (i feel like i should stress that i paid for everything. Hotel, flights, food/drink...everything.)  [To anyone that now claims me to be "rich" please dont. I scrimped and saved like manic to be able to afford it] Anyway, when i was out there the ash cloud thing started and i was fucked to say the last. [i had no money, i almost got kicked out of the hotel for not being able to afford it and i literally ate nothing] I missed a good week or 2 of uni and ended up being in deep shit with my tutors for missing such "important times" of my course. But they were some amazing times, going to do a job i wanted in a place i never imagined. I was a completely different way of living, a whole new culture. (id been to NY previously, but only for about 4 days in 2006) The weather was amazing, and the view from the building was actually breathtaking (especially in the evening) but it made me realise how much New York is like London. There were always sirens going off and it was never "peaceful" and it was SOOOOO expensive. Anyway, no doubt people want to know more about that, if you do let me know and i can always do another post. I seem to be going off subject a little bit.

(Below is the view from the studio. It looked out onto Madison Square Park - the queue of people is for a milkshake stall called the "shake shack" and the building lit in the background is the Empire State building. The darker it got, the more amazing the view was.)

So yeah, back onto now. Im in the middle of series 3 of friends and i aim to watch all 10 series by xmas. I've seen them all before, a million times over, but its so nice to watch them all in order before you go to bed or when you wake up. At one point i was on the same episodes as E4. I love knowing what's happening or what's going to happen next. how sad is that!  I think Im going onto the American office next. Has anyone seen it? I can't even watch the english one because im not a fan of Gervais i'm afraid, he's too annoying! but its actually hilarious. I love Pam & Jim <3

Something else i need to quickly add is that i know i said i was thinking of doing a competition when i hit 50 subscribers, but its all gone up in a bit of a whirlwind and im so grateful to al the new followers, but i don't think ill be able to do it until after xmas with everything going on at the moment, and it would be nice to open it up internationally and to make it fair i'd want to leave it up for a decent amount of time. Anyway, ill keep you posted with more info on it in the new year! Sorry! :(

Sorry for rambling, I hope you've all had a good weekend! 
-dont forget to follow me on twitter! xx