Monday, 27 June 2011


Hi Guys!

After an amazing week in Southern Italy, i'm back in blighty, and although the weather hasn't been quite the same, its lovely sat outside in the sun. 
I've not properly uploaded any photos yet, so for now, heres a (cringeworthy) picture of me in front of one of the most amazing views in Lake Garda

We spent most of the time in the town we were staying, Peschiera, but took the boat up the lake to various other places, and made a day of it in Venice too. I'm hoping to do a post on that if anyone is intrested? 

As for uni, i've officially 100% moved out now, so am looking for a 'proper job'. How strange it is to be saying that as a graduate. Uni went so quickly!

Hope you've all had an amazing week. Proper post coming in the next couple of days with some bits i bought in duty free! x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ciao per ora!

Hi guys

I'm off to Italy tomorrow morning for a week, so i'm afraid there will be no posting until im back. I'm trying my hardest to learn the lingo, but its not going so well, the google translate lady is talking far too fast! ha!

I hope you all have a good week, and i'll speak to you when i'm back. x

Monday, 13 June 2011

University: End Of An Era.

I don't often do posts like this, but today i found out my overall marks for my university course. I leave Cheltenham tomorrow to head to Joe's before heading off to Italy for a week on Thursday. I've found these 3 years to be some of the best, and worst times of my life. I've met some amazing people, and some people i probably won't ever talk to again, but the experiences i've had at university have been some i'll never forget.

Although i don't want to go into graphic design now i have a degree in it, doesn't mean my degree wasn't worth it, i love the visual side, but i'm not a massive love of the designing side. Having a degree still works in my favour, and looking for visual jobs, there are actually more available than i first thought. Packing up my room, saying goodbye to my housemates and having one last drink with the friends that are still around tonight will be some of the hardest times. I thought i'd include a few photos. Enjoy. x

Celebrating my 20th birthday geek style.

convincing my housemates it would be a good idea to paint our faces like clowns at 1am

Going to New York for a 2 week internship but getting stuck due to the Icelandic ashcloud and meeting other stuck english folk!

Celebrating my 21st as a panda

Meeting the boy of my dreams in halls and still being with him (close to) 3 years later.

Being part of the bright young things exhibition.

many pub golf's 

meeting some of the best people in halls.

Good luck to anyone that's just finished uni. Im bricking it. x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nude Rainbow

Im loving the mix of glitters and colours at the mo when it comes to nail art. I've also noticed alot of other bloggers only applying detail on one nail, so i thought i'd give the look ago myself. Of course the nude colour is Models Own's Nude Beige (my all time fav!) and the glitter on my ring finger is GOSH's Rainbow, another favourite for random details. Together it looks like so much nicer than the photo showed up, so i definitely recommend trying this, or recreating your own with any other type of glitter you have (the good thing about rainbow is that its actually a glitter coated in lots of clear polish, rather than being very glittery (think barry m 'red glitter'), so its easy peasy to get off!) Im also waiting for the day my nails decide to grow so i can do nail art on the tips, because (as you can see) the difference in lengths is crazy- and its only going to get worse when i go back to work. (damn having to open cans!) 

Early Days

Just a sneak peek at something im working on at the moment. Nothing special to show as of yet, still in it's early days. I still need to invest in a few bits, but it's all coming along! 

Monday, 6 June 2011


I've never actually showed any of my uni work on here before, but after finally finishing university, i thought i'd stick up some photos from the exhibition. I did try to take more, but unfortunately my camera needed re-formatting, so i couldn't get as many on the night. I popped back in today to take a few more piccies of my classes work (and some of my friends in photography). I know its a bit off-topic to the blog, but enjoy. 
(also, now that uni is out the way for good, there should be more regular posts!)

For anyone wanting to know, the large prints were taken by Chris Mammone. A very talented photographer. 

Have any of you just finished uni or college and have any exhibitions?