Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bookmarked #1

Searching on the Miss Selfridge website for some graduation dress ideas and i found this lovely dress. Paired with a nice pair of heels, i think it could look really good, (im not a big dress wearer!) wether or not it'll suit me is another matter. I'll have to try it on when i'm next in town! 

Spotted this satchel on asos. it's actually a River Island brand. Pricey at £60, but it'll be mine if it ever comes down in the sale!

Toms, a pair for a pair, just doing my bit while having lovely looking shoes on my feet. 

How cute are these earrings from New Look? Spotted them online earlier, and only £3!

Not sure how long this top as been on the Topshop website for (i'm not generally a topshop buyer) but i think its a gorgeous colour and now i reeeeally want it!

Friday, 22 July 2011

A Bitter Disappointment

After visiting Bicester Village a few weeks ago, i was eager to pop into the CCO, where i found the newest member of my nail varnish collection, MAC's 'Jade Dragon'. having never tried a MAC polish before i picked this one out because it stuck out much more than the others they had to offer. I got it home, and applied it with 2 coats to both hands. I have so many different types of varnishes in my collection, ranging from cheap to more expensive brands, but considering how well established a brand MAC are, and how much their make-up is loved by (pretty much) everyone, i have to say i was extremely disappointed. The packaging sleek and very well thought out (except that with the dark polish you can't really see the writing..but that's to be expected) but the polish itself was streaky, had a very thin and not very good brush and it took 2/3 coats until it looked even. Something i didn't expect to see from a high end brand. The last bad thing i found with it, is that it stained my nails quite badly.
After having another colour on for the past week, i wanted to give it another chance, and this is what i came up with. Contrasting with Models Own Grace Green, i think it looks really nice, and love the ring finger look. It applied slightly better today, but still not brilliantly. I don't think i'll be spending anymore money on MAC varnishes until they better the formulation.

Have you had any problems with MAC varnishes? or do you just love the colours too much to care?

(sorry for the extremely bad, out of focus pic!)

Have you had any problems with MAC varnishes? or do you just love the colours too much to care?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Welcome Back!

Top: American Apparel, Cardi: H&M, Ring: Love Hearts and Crosses
So After a few days of getting sorted, i'm back! Over the weekend i went up to see my boyfriend in his hometown of Staffordshire. We went to his cousins wedding and this photo was taken the day after at their garden party. We're planning to go out tomorrow and take some photos that i can hopefully upload on my blog. Normally i use my normal digital camera, but i'm going to take out my DSLR which i've been playing with tonight.

My friend has decided for her 21st that she wants us to all go to Essex. After looking up all the details of hotels and clubs, the only thing i know for sure is that it's going to be one expensive night! She's a huge fan of TOWIE, so the sugar hut is one of the places she's determined to go to! So now we've all been talked into going, we need to find a cheap b&b/hotel to stay in the Brentwood area. If anyone knows of anywhere, please let me know!

Not really sure what's going on with the weather recently. I'm hoping the sun comes out sometime soon so my pale skin can see some colour! (i'm secretly excited for thick jumpers and boots in autumn!)

Looking forward to taking some photos and showing you all tomorrow. x

Monday, 18 July 2011


Hi Guys

Sorry my posting has been few and far between recently. After finishing university i've just moved home, swapped rooms, trying to unpack, clear out and find place for everything i seem to have accumulated in the past 3 years. On top of that, I'm in search of a job. I've just finished at the place i was working at for the last 2 years (on and off between university term times) so I'm focused on finding a career. Its much tougher than i first thought and although there are lots of general jobs on offer, I'm trying to my hardest to find and only apply for ones i would genuinely love to work at. Anyway, like i said before, i promise i will try my hardest to get some posts done over the next few days to update you, along with reviews and new spends and hopefully there will be some new and interesting weekly features being involved too!
Take care! x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Holiday 101: Packing

When it comes to holiday season, everyone whips out their suitcases, throws in the odd towel, flip-flops and all the clothes they can fit. But sometimes, thats really not a good idea. Heavy luggage costs more to take on the plane, is heavier to pull and more of a faff to lift up those stairs that for some silly reason has no escalator. 

The best plan is to always make a list. Decide how many days you're going for and work for that. If you're on a weekend city break then you'll need far less clothes than if you were on a big girly holiday and plan to be out every night in bars and clubs. Play it by what you know. Don't overpack though. Only take as many tops as you will actually need. (Don't take 3 more 'just incase'..) Obviously the list is only a rough idea of what things/how many of them you'll need, but its good to keep it in mind!

Don't take a huge suitcase if you dont need it. The bigger the case, the more things you'l be tempted to take! (Remember your luggage allowance!)

Leave space for the things you will (undoubtedly) bring home. Bottles of cheap alcohol, presents, new clothes...

Leave the bits you really don't need to bring home with you there: almost empty bottles of shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste etc..

Invest in a strap to go around your suitcase. Or even put some stickers, ribbon or a distinctive mark on it. I cant tell you how many black/red/green/blue suitcases that go around the carousel in the airports. 
Also, get a padlock that goes through the zips. It doesn't seem like much, but anyone thinking about taking yours may think again if they see it as it's too much effort! not only that, airport baggage handlers wont see your pants because it has no chance of opening!

Don't keep all of your money in your hand luggage. Its always a good idea to keep some in your suitcase too. Just incase you forget your bag somewhere or it gets stolen. People in and around airports aren't always there for the same reasons as you!

If you get holiday insurance, make sure your suitcase and hand luggage is covered too. (just incase it gets lost! or ends up being on a later flight!)

-Do you make lists and stick to them? what are your packing tips? let me know! x