Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spring Into Summer..

After reading Sinead's post about her top summer nail varnishes i thought about the ones i've been using recently, that are taking me from spring into summer (or maybe with this british weather i should be saying autumn into winter..?!) anyway, here are my current 3 fav's.

Barry m- Blueberry I/c, 
Nails Inc - Warwick Avenue
Rimmel - Orange Bliss

Do you have any colours that tickle your fancy when the weather changes?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Batiste gets a makeover (and goes large)

 Batiste dry shampoo is a product i've been using for years, it helps refresh my hair when its oily or when it just needs a bit more life in it.  
As part of their new makeover, they have redesigned the packaging of their existing cans and increased the sizes of them from 150ml to 200ml, and also added a new size of 400ml! With the increase of sizes, does come the increase of cost, 200ml comes in at £2.99 and 400ml will cost you £4.99 (pretty reasonable for something that will last you a while!)

As you can see the new packaging has been thoroughly thought out by the Batiste team. The bright new can has better, thought out design and explanations (as well as images to show people who are unsure of how to use it) Something the old can was lacking. Also, the new lid looks much better with the new design, and pops off much easier (great if you only have one hand free!)

I don't know if the formulation has been changed or not, but the powder doesn't seem to be as white as it normally is. 

The new range of Batiste packaging.

Batiste is available from Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA and Independent chemists. 

Monday, 23 May 2011


As i keep mentioning, for my last ever (unmarked) module, we have to show our work in an exhibition. Today we gave in our 'contact cards' with some form of imagery on them.
I don't want to do graphic design after university, so i came up with a simple identity to show myself by. The actual colour of the design is slightly lighter, i dont know why its uploaded darker? What do you think of it?

Do any of you have to do a similar thing? is anyone else thinking they don't actually want to do the subject they are going to graduate in? Let me know.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My new camera!

. by TheRealStephhh 
This morning i went to the car boot and picked this camera up. I dont generally take a huge interest into cameras because i don't know much about them, but when the lady said they were only £1 i thought id see what one tickled my fancy. This is a 'Hanimex 110 DF Tele' if anyone wanted to know. I need to find a film for it, and get some batteries, but hopefully when i pop into town tomorrow ill be able to get some for it. I dont know if it works yet (probably not) but if not, then it doesnt matter too much. If anyone has any knowledge on the camera, please leave me a comment!

Sorry for my lack of posting recently. After finishing university lectures forever on Monday i've just been relaxing really (and sleeping after having so many late nights and early mornings) im trying to get all my work sorted for my exhibition in just over a week and tidying/packing my house in order to leave soon. Its been a good 3 years of uni life and i would seriously recommend it to anyone who's unsure (although the fees are ridiculously high!) So the next part of my life is upon me and i really need to find a full time job. Luckily i already have a part time job at home, which will keep me ticking over until i find something more permanent. 

I do have a post planned for tomorrow, so please keep a look out for it (providing blogger allows me to post pics - something that literally took hours to do tonight)

-sorry about the new header by the way, looks terrible. ill sort it out this week-

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Soap And Glory: Flake Away

I bought Flake Away on a whim really. Needing to find something to help get rid of the dryness i get around my elbows and various other parts of my body i looked around Boots and saw this sat on a shelf. After reading a few reviews about it previously i thought i may as well give it a try as it was only about £2.50.

 This is the first product by Soap and Glory i've ever tried (shock!) and i have to admit that i thought it was just a brand everyone thought was ok but knew there were better alternatives. How wrong could i be? Okay, so i know this is the first product of theirs i've tried, but it really has impressed me. It smells beautiful and works like a dream!
i followed the instructions to use it on damp skin, and 'massage in circular motions' it really didn't feel too grainy and it didn't take long at all, all day i've been getting whiffs of the ingredients (Shea butter, sugar and peach seed) and better yet, my skin feels amazing.

If you haven't already tried this product then i really recommend you do. Its available at Boots for about £2.30. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Golden Snitch

Okay, so i realise it's not really a golden snitch, but when i first spotted this ring a few weeks back in Matalan i knew i had to have it! it sits perfectly on my middle finger and looks like a double (or maybe even triple) finger ring.

I also wanted to apologise (again!) for not posting more frequently. I have a deadline for my final ever project on Monday and i've been doing work non-stop. I have my summer ball on Saturday night and i'm just generally finishing up here in Cheltenham. 
I hope you're all well and ill try and post more in the next couple of days if i find time.