Monday, 25 April 2011

Love For Lychee Luxe

I'm sure by now you will all have heard of Milly from Pearls and Poodles, (but if not, click on her name and head over there!) she ran a competition on her blog to win a mac lipglass and i was the lucky winner! 

 The gloss is a beautiful pinky-coral with golden shimmer and looks great on its own or over a lipstick.

Lychee Luxe is the perfect lip colour for spring/summer, so it'll be staying in my make-up bag for a while to come!

A massive thanks to Milly for running the comp and for picking me as the winner! x

Sigma F80

Like a lot of people, i like to use a brush when applying my foundation. I normally opt for my Mac 187, because it gives that 'airbrushed look' by buffing in your foundation nicely, but when i got the chance a couple of months ago to try the Sigma F80 as part of their affiliate programme, i jumped at the chance after hearing so many people rave about their brushes.

Sigma explain the product to be "a buffer brush that can be used to blend powder or liquid products" and i really agree. Initially i wasn't sure about using it for my liquid foundation, but after using it a few times, i found a way that worked and now i often pick it up before looking for my 187 brush. It blends various products so well and takes little effort. I find myself using it for not only my foundation, but powder and blush too.

I think the reason this brush is so successful is due to the density of the bristles. They're packed in so tightly yet there is still movement, so it goes where you want it to giving you that flawless feel, and because the bristles are tightly packed, your make-up doesn't get wasted. So its more on your face, and less down the drain when you wash it.

The Sigma F80 retails for $16, which works out to be around £9.50!

Do any of you already have this brush? What are your thoughts on it?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Self Tanning: I Need Your Help!

One of my biggest summer dilemmas is most definitely my pale skin. No matter how long i sit out in the sun, i either don't change colour or turn into a complete tomato. Last year was probably the first time i ever tried to fake tan, for a few reasons really.

1. i had no idea what to use - best/worst products
2. exfoliate? what?
3. i had no idea what to do.

Since then though, i've only ever used one product and gone through not even a whole bottle, and i can't even say i'm that impressed with it...

Garnier Summer Body. 

I think there are pros and con's of every product, and this one i feel has more cons than pros. My main problem with it though is the smell. Its something that lurks. I know  alot of people say fake tan smells bad, but the smell of this makes me feel like its woody, not the best description, i'm sure, but i thats what i think of when i smell it.

Generally, when i use it, i use gloves and apply 2 'coats' (?) and although you can tell i'm wearing false tan (because im always SO pale) its not in your face, so thats one of the things i do like. Im in a bit of a dilemma though. Its not  that expensive (considering the price of other products) and it doesn't look bad, but the smell lingers, and i would like something that lasts a bit longer, because after about a day or two it starts to flake a bit. Is there a product out there thats a decent price and lasts more than 2 days?

The cringe ghostly white arm shot.
(admittedly, this was taken in front of the window, but i'm still very pale!)

My boyfriend picked up another bottle the other day, but came home with this. Notice the 'dark skin' type on it? 
Think the new bottle (on the right) must be the new packaging for anyone interested.

Originally, i was thinking of getting the dove (i think) one that you use in the shower that gradually helps to add a natural 'glow' but again, ive got no idea on this side of things. Some poeple i know have said its a tad naff though?! Ive also heard very good reviews of St Moritz but it seems so much more proper, being false tan, than just a gradual tan in moisturiser.  Also, (slap on the hands) exfoliating still doesn't happen when i use this stuff. I just make sure ive had a shower before applying it, i tend not to really get dark patches on my knees or elbows, but if im doing the proper stuff, them im going to need guidance. 

I would love to hear all of your wise words on this, because im going to Italy in June and don't want to flash the legs if they're lilly white! So if you know anything, please leave me a comment! 
Thanks guys. x

Friday, 8 April 2011

Don't Believe The Hype: 01

Hi guys, Sorry again about the delay on the posts, uni work has been taking up pretty much all of my time, and with this beautiful weather today, ive been catching up in the garden with the blogs ive missed recently.

So this will be the first installment of some of the products i feel have had lots of hype, but don't feel theyre much to write home about. Let me know if you agree/disagree. 

Vol 01: Collection 2000, Big Fake Mascara.

After hearing the hype about this, i, like most people, jumped on the bandwagon and bought it. Although i didn't use it straight away because i was half way through using another, i waited till i was done and gave it a whirl. 
The main thing i hate about this mascara is the wand. I hate wands that remind me more of a hairbrush than a mascara brush. I agree with most people that is is big, and it does make your lashes look slightly longer,  i don't feel like its the most amazing one i've used before. It feels dry, and even when you use a couple of layers, it doesn't seem to add a great deal of definition. My personal one also tells me that its two different colours, one label says 'black brown' the other says 'black' hmm. Its a shame because i don;t actually mind the collection 2000 range. Ive had a few products of theirs past and present, and really expected more.
Maybe it's just me though, i think with all the hype, i expected it to be so much better, but really it's nothing that special. I'd reccomend you spend your £5 elsewhere.

I'm Back.

Hi Guys, just a quick update really.
Sorry i've not been around much recently. Uni has been so busy, this week especially. I had a deadline on Monday and then another one yesterday, witht hat ive had about 2-3 weeks of sleepless nights and non-stop worrying. But now im finally officially on my easter holidays, so ive got lots of posts planned. Thanks again everyone thats stuck with me, i do really appreciate it.

I hope you all had a great mothers day and if youre already off for easter, then easter holidays too. :) x