Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Self Tanning: I Need Your Help!

One of my biggest summer dilemmas is most definitely my pale skin. No matter how long i sit out in the sun, i either don't change colour or turn into a complete tomato. Last year was probably the first time i ever tried to fake tan, for a few reasons really.

1. i had no idea what to use - best/worst products
2. exfoliate? what?
3. i had no idea what to do.

Since then though, i've only ever used one product and gone through not even a whole bottle, and i can't even say i'm that impressed with it...

Garnier Summer Body. 

I think there are pros and con's of every product, and this one i feel has more cons than pros. My main problem with it though is the smell. Its something that lurks. I know  alot of people say fake tan smells bad, but the smell of this makes me feel like its woody, not the best description, i'm sure, but i thats what i think of when i smell it.

Generally, when i use it, i use gloves and apply 2 'coats' (?) and although you can tell i'm wearing false tan (because im always SO pale) its not in your face, so thats one of the things i do like. Im in a bit of a dilemma though. Its not  that expensive (considering the price of other products) and it doesn't look bad, but the smell lingers, and i would like something that lasts a bit longer, because after about a day or two it starts to flake a bit. Is there a product out there thats a decent price and lasts more than 2 days?

The cringe ghostly white arm shot.
(admittedly, this was taken in front of the window, but i'm still very pale!)

My boyfriend picked up another bottle the other day, but came home with this. Notice the 'dark skin' type on it? 
Think the new bottle (on the right) must be the new packaging for anyone interested.

Originally, i was thinking of getting the dove (i think) one that you use in the shower that gradually helps to add a natural 'glow' but again, ive got no idea on this side of things. Some poeple i know have said its a tad naff though?! Ive also heard very good reviews of St Moritz but it seems so much more proper, being false tan, than just a gradual tan in moisturiser.  Also, (slap on the hands) exfoliating still doesn't happen when i use this stuff. I just make sure ive had a shower before applying it, i tend not to really get dark patches on my knees or elbows, but if im doing the proper stuff, them im going to need guidance. 

I would love to hear all of your wise words on this, because im going to Italy in June and don't want to flash the legs if they're lilly white! So if you know anything, please leave me a comment! 
Thanks guys. x


  1. Hey,

    I know the feeling, I hate being so pale and now the nicer weather is here I want to get my legs out but they look horrible, I hate it. I tan well in the summer, but like to look like I've got a bit of a tan before I start.

    I tried that garnier one and too hated the smell, i didnt find it gave me much colour either. The dove one has a slighlty better smell, but still not great. I tried a Johnsons one that doesnt have a smell when it goes on but when you wake up the next day has that fake tan smell. The best one I tried was a Nivea one, it smelt like mangos and also gave a lovely natural looking colour.

    The only thing I find with gradual tanners is that you have to use them a few times to get a colour and then regularly to keep the colour and in the end it looks all patchey.

    I really like St Moriz, its only £2.60 from Savers and its very similar to St Tropez. I have one to review but not got around to posting it yet, but I think this stuff is great. I use in the mousse form. It looks awful when you put it on, but when you wash off in the morning it leaves a nice natural looking tan, you can do again if you want a darker tan, but I prefer it to look more natural. The thing I really like about it, is when it washes off it comes off evenly not patchy so you cant tell your wearing tan.

    Sorry I rambled on a bit there. Hope it helps :)

    Love Jo xxx

  2. I'm like super duper white and I go with STAY WHITE. Use lots of sun protection & stay out of the sun. Say no to tans ;) so many tanee's would kill for beautiful white skin. Sorry that this isn't what you wanted to hear. x hivenn

  3. Although it's a bit pricey, St Tropez gradual tan is really good. It does have a strong smell but not a 'woody' smell like the garnier one.
    I'm really pale as well but found that the St Tropez doesnt go orange or patchy, it just gives a nice glow.
    Good luck finding the perfect one!!xx

  4. I agree with Jo at the top, I love the St Moriz tan, but you really do need to make sure that you exfoliate well, and lightly do so as the days go on to avoid patchiness. If you want your tan to look more natural, I combine the tan with an ordinary moisturiser and body butter. Using a scented moisturiser will eliminate any strong tanning smells, as well as allowing for an even and more natural application and look.

    I hope this works out for you :)


  5. Thanks girls. Think im going to give the St Moritz one a go. I don't want to be pasty, nor do i want to be very dark or orange! ha. x

  6. Hi Steph,
    Good choice with the St Tropez!.....but you also have heaps of other alternatives. Some of those mentioned above are OK. You could also try Beautisol All Seasons Glow which is gentle on the skin and subtle in tone.
    In terms of preparation, exfoliate gently before you apply the tanning lotion and moisturize thereafter.

  7. Hey! I am totally in the same boat as you, chick. I go through it every summer and I don't choose to get my tan from a tanning bed because, well, I really don't want to either have a) wrinkles, or b) skin cancer when i get older. Lol.

    But what I suggest if you are wanting to use lotion is the Jergens brand, it's cheap and definately the best i have tried, and I have tried a LOT.

    Another good choice is the spray ones that you can get at any convieniance store. I like those a lot, they are fast if you want a fast glow.

    And, lastly, you can always go to the salon and get a spray tan. I know they all say you are going to look orange, but if you go to a good salon you won't. I get one done every year for prom and it looks beautiful. you even get a shimmery glow that you can't get when going to a tanning bed!

    and what a GREAT blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love to see what opinions you have for me! :) hope this all helps! :)

    follow me?

  8. I used to be the same terrifed to use the "proper" fake tan and stuck to gradual tanners but once I started using st moriz I havent looked back! the fact the gradual tanners are sometimes double the price and give off an orangey colour rather than a bronzed one just proves its not always the price tag that you should look at!

    I would suggest if you are going to use the st moriz one to exfoliate well , I recommend exfoliating gloves which you can get in primark and tescos really cheap. Also to moisturize inbetween uses, i actually use a gradual tanner inbetween uses just because it evens my tan out. Oh and im sure you'll know this but invest in a tan mitt, noone wants mud coloured hands!

    Keep us all posted on your tanning efforts!



  9. i know how you feel i am so so so pale (curses of an irish family) and i am scared of using real fake tan, so i use the dove gradual tintede moisturiser. and although it takes a few days to look like it's working, it does work! i got the light to medium one, but i think in a couple of weeks i will get the medium to dark one :) it just adds a slightly sun kissed glow so its not over the top and still looks natural! :) hope this helps ...
    being-emily.blogspot.com xxxx


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