Saturday, 27 November 2010

A long winded, all over the place kind of update.

I'm hoping this isn't going to be too much of a long-winded boring post for you all, but i just wanted to keep you in the loop as to what's going on at the moment seen as i didn't do one at the beginning of the week, and there's a fair bit i want to talk (or should i say type?) about.

I have a uni deadline on monday. For those of you that follow me on twitter will know that it's been a right pain as i'm feeling so un-motivated. I've not felt so desperate to home before. I think its just being in the 3rd year and having so much to do and not wanting the stress of it. I think xmas will be such a good break (or at least  hope) and then maybe ill feel more motivated. For anyone wondering, I study graphic design (ive found loads of graphic design bloggers by the way!) and i'm in the process of doing the D&AD Umbro brief and YCN Sega brief. (Both are advertising actually) but i want (i think) to get into the advertising side of Graphic Design. We'll see what happens i guess. 
I've pretty much been living on cups of tea these past few weeks. Its been so cold and horrible that the thought of drinking anything else just doesn't seem like a realistic option. The only thing i dont understand about myself is that when i go to Starbucks, i find myself drinking a strawberry's and cream frappichino. (genuinely laughing while i'm writing considering i just said about not drinking anything else) i hate weak tea, and coffee shops or cafe's just dont do nice tea. (i dont like hot chocolate or coffee) i'm so strange!!
I don't know if any of you took part in the Sleek 50% off offer? It happened about 2 weeks ago, and they got inundated with orders, they sent out a big announcement on facebook yesterday saying that they were sorry so many people have been messed about and that they basically can't complete anymore orders (unless you got sent an e-mail) luckily enough when i checked my junk box on hotmail it was sat their waiting (i didn't think i had one seen as my blackberry didn't tell me i had an email) So finally i might receive the bits i ordered within the next week. According to them, they're going to be sending out individual codes for people that were unsuccessful. Admittedly i can sit here now and be glad that my order eventually got confirmed, but if they'd had told me i couldn't have my bits i'd have been so annoyed. In their defense i don't think they realised how popular it was going to turn out to be. On the other hand, i've been so frustrated with them for not sorting it out sooner and ignoring the tweets/e-mails that i (and other people) have sent them. Hopefully they wont bodge things like that up in future.
Yesterday Blink 182 tickets came out on sale for their UK tour, i tried SOOOOO hard to get tickets for Birmingham, but ticketmaster messed up and when i managed to get onto seetickets they only had seating, so i gave up *boo* Luckily today though they've released 2 more dates at Cardiff and Sheffield (i think) so me and the boy are off to see them in Cardiff. A bit of a treck and more hassle seen as we'll be driving from, well, wherever we are after we graduate, (hopefully somewhere like Bristol) but i'm sure it'll be worth it.
Last night, we saw the first bit of snow and it feels like christmas is getting so much closer. Uni was closed so much last year January due to snow, so keeping my fingers more more of it and more snowfights on the days uni's cancelled!
My hair isn't seeming to do much at the moment and i want a massive change. The temptation of getting it all snipped off is so appealing, but i love having long hair. Im thinking of maybe investing in some extensions for more volume and length. Can anyone recommend any good ones? 
I've noticed more and more new followers, and im grateful to all of you for reading about me and my boring life and the opinions i have on things. It really means alot. I have big ideas for the blog for the future! :)
On the subject of the blog, i wanted to know what you all think about the idea of photos. I'm not sure if i want to put photos of myself on here. I've noticed lots of blogs have outfit posts and general fashion-type posts, but i wouldn't consider myself to be fashionable, and don't know what you'd all think of the idea. Do you like these kind of blogs or not? I dont want to turn my blog into something my followers didn't initially start following me for (there must be a reason you all clicked follow) although i like the idea of showing you the jewellery i'm wearing and things along those lines.
Right, thats my post done, i think, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think because you're all such a big part of this place and i want to know what you enjoy seeing and you don't. Also, don't forget to follow me on twitter xx

Wait A Minute Mr Postman

Hoping when the lovely man (or woman) from parcel force turn up tomorrow this will look as good in person as it does in the picture.

I'm not normally a dress buyer, finding a dress that fits me properly in all the right places is quite hard and i  will undoubtedly end up sending it back, but when asos were offering 20% off their own brand stuff and free next day delivery (and the boyfriend said he would pay) i couldn't say no. And on top of that, i've been eyeing up a cross ring for ages and ordered one at the same time.
Ill post tomorrow and let you know the outcome! 

Also, i've noticed all these deals in the past few days (mainly from American brands/sites) for "Black Friday" i'm guessing its the sales after thanksgiving, but i'd never really noticed it much in past years. Is that me just being an idiot? maybe i'm checking my e-mails too much and getting too many offers from my favorite brands! (online shopping will be the death of me!)

Oh, tomorrow i'll do a post about what's been going on recently too, i've been trying to blog but ive got uni work to do (which im avoiding) and then not knowing what to write and trying to figure out what i want to include in my posts - photos of myself, clothes, etc. If any of you have opinions pleeeeease let me know.
Anyway, ill explain more tomorrow.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Black Friday

Today Sigma are offering their customers free worldwide shipping with all orders.
This is definitely a bargain, as their international shipping is normally pretty pricey!

Things to look out for include:

For More info, visit the Sigma website here
(And don't forget to enter BF2010 for free shipping)
Any purchases over $30 should come with a free gift!

Happy Shopping! :) x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Eyeko delivery

So this morning i got a couple of packages from Eyeko. Firstly i got my ambassadors pack. This included a few "business cards" for want of a better way of describing it. Also a postcard and a lipgloss in Knightsbridge.

Along with this, i ordered 2 nail varnishes in Vintage Polish and Rain Polish. Fat Balm in Minty,
Graffiti Eyeliner in Black, and for spending over £15, i got a free Silver Glitter Eyeliner. 

The consistency of the polishes are quite runny in comparison to Models Own or Barry M, but still come out of the bottle true to the colour of the bottle and work nicely on their own or even on top of a white base coat.

The graffiti eyeliner pen i've wanted to try for ages, i can't express how nicely it goes on and how it doesn't budge when its dried, definitely worth a try.

The fat balms are much smaller in person than i actually imagined them to be, but still really nice. I chose the lightest one in the minty flavour and instantly you can smell the mint in it. The packaging isn't the nicest, but the product itself seems to make up for it.

The glitter eyeliner isn't something that i would generally wear, but maybe for a night out or fancy dressed (i actually tried it on my nails today for a difference to a design) and it seems so nice. Lots of glitter!

Lastly, the Knightsbridge lipgloss. I'm not really a lipgloss wearer, but i love the colour (and taste) of this. Its not in your face, but it doesnt seem to rub off easily either.

On another note, sorry about the photo/s, my camera decided to play up and make everything orange tones, so mega editing and finding brightest light (all photos were taken balanced on my macbook for the light from the screen) and i've lost the bit for the charger for my SLR and both batteries are dead. Im hoping to properly sort it out tomorrow, but im hoping to spend all day at uni finishing my D&AD & YCN briefs

Don't forget to enter my code E12578 at the checkout for a free gift, delivery is also free for anyone in the UK or Europe!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


So another day of not doing much and considering what i could do for my blog next got me thinking. I know its coming up to christmas and everyone seems to be doing giveaway's at the moment, so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon. Although this will (hopefully) run alongside xmas, it will be for when i reach 50 followers (i know it's not much, but it's a milestone for me! :)) I've only really got thinking about this today, so i've not got many solid ideas, but the goodies would include nail varnish, hair products, accessories, make-up and smellies. 
What do you all think f the idea for this? If you think it's good, spread the word as the sooner we get 50 followers, the sooner the giveaway will take place.
Thanks guys.
ps. Dont forget to follow me on twitter

Fancy a free nails inc nail varnish?

Today i picked up this month's (December issue) of Glamour Magazine. Im not normally one for buying magazines, but i noticed that you were able to get a free 10ml (full sized) bottle of Nails inc nail varnish. The colour i got was Jermyn Street, "a greige - soft taupe" 
I havn't tried it properly yet, but i did a little swatch on my nail and it seemed like such a nice formula, and a very similar colour to Barry M's mushroom or  No7 speedy dry varnish in Beanie. 

There were other colours available that included pinks and reds (though i'm not sure of their names, sorry!)

Did any of you manage to pick one up? if so, what colour did you get? x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Handmade beauties

While looking around the internet for some quirky christmas presents for my sister and some friends i came across Hannah Zakari. The site is full of beautiful accessories, bags, jewelry, stationary and more from various designers based in the UK and abroad. 
The website is owned and run by Rachael Lamb, who deals with all e-mails and makes it her mission to make your visit there enjoyable and easy. All products you find on her website are made by individual designers and have been hand crafted.

Forestry Pouch

Bad Apple Ring

Hello Cushion

Pink Cupcake Earrings

Busy Bee Notebook

If you like the look of this stuff check out Rachael's site or her blog

I'd love to know if any of you order anything. x

Love asos?

Discount codes are always a good thing to come by, but when one of the most amazing online fashion retailers offer it, you know you should snap it up! 
Asos are offering 20% off to their customers (just in time for the xmas season!) on any ASOS branded items. (This includes clothing and jewelry!) How can you not say yes to that?

We all know that there are going to be some pretty big christmas and new years party's coming up, so why not take advantage of the 20% off and get your glad rags before it gets to late? On top of this, with free international delivery, its hard to find a reason not to!

I've found some of the bits i love, why don't you do the same?! 

Also avalible in purple.


Simply enter the code "asos20" at the checkout 
(and then pop back and let me know what you bought) :) x

(On another note, don't forget to follow me on twitter!)

All i want for christmas is

YOUUU. For my 21st birthday last month my boyfriend asked me what i wanted. The only thing i particularly said was some kind of jewelry that would be special. That i could wear for a nice occasion and would mean something to me because it would be for my 21st from him. Well anyway, he knew i'd been looking at Thomas Sabo bracelets for a while, and decided to get me a charm bracelet, (which at the time of ordering he thought was a necklace. - lets not go there!) and a "21" charm Our anniversary is about a week later and i got some more charms for that, and today he asked me what i wanted for xmas. Well, one of these beauties would be lovely..

Do any of you have special things like this or have Thomas Sabo bracelets? Ill put a pic up of mine soon! :)  x

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Review - Lee Stafford - Sea Salt Spray

If you're a regular to my blog, you'll know that the other day i bought some products from the Lee Stafford range, i've tried 2 of them so far and will try the last one later today, anyway, i thought i'd give the sea salt spray a quick review for you seen as i pretty much know what i want to say on it. 

Firstly, like i said i my last post, im not a huge fan of the packaging, im sure if you're a pink lover you would, but the whole range just seems too much for my liking. Secondly, i was initially happy that there were bits floating around within the bottle, it (to me) seemed like that would give the product some extra oomph! (boy was i wrong) the bits inside actually look like bits of dead skin floating around (although im sure its not)

The first thing i want to mention is what it actually says on the bottle: "this defining sea salt spray will bring out the tousled textured look you can usually only get after swimming in the sea.. until now! hair will still feel soft to touch, but with added bounce, definition and body to die for!"

Here goes... The first thing i have to mention is that i followed what it said, i washed my hair, put around 50 pumps in and left to dry. The first thing you'll notice with it is that the pump isn't a mist, it comes out more like when you have your hosepipe on "Jet" so you've constantly got to make sure you're moving it around at all times. Second thing that i hated about this product was the smell. I'm sure when you were younger you experienced what it was like to have nits? I'm not lying when i say this product smelt like the stuff your mum would put in your hair to get rid of the nits! it was absolutely hideous! No matter what you'll be doing after spraying it, you can't get rid of the smell. Another thing i didn't like was the way it looked and felt. I hate that feeling of having lots of product in my hair, and it looked and felt dirty! My boyfriend said the look of it was like when you stick your head under the shower, but don't actually wash your hair. So its still dirty, but wet. (Not a nice look!) and to be honest, the beach waves didn't really appear, it just seemed to be the same as my natural hair looks when drying, but with a lot of smelly spray in it. The only time i was impressed with the stuff, was when i tied it up, and the product held my natural waves.

For £5.99, i really don't feel that this product lived up to the hype i expected and i will never be re-purchasing it again!
I'm sure it works for some peopler, but im not one of them. Have any of you tried it before? what were your opinions on it?

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pretty Little London

Hey lovelies. 
Now, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, i'm sure you'll have all heard of a little brand called Eyeko. They are based in London and sell some very amazing products that range from nail polishes to highlighting creams. Today i became an ambassador with them and am able to offer my followers the chance of being able to receive a free gift with all purchases over £10/$15/€10. 
With Christmas coming up, Eyeko has some really good gift sets available, and with free delivery to UK & Europe & with orders of over $55, its hard to find a reason not to get your christmas prezzies from there!!

Dont forget to enter my code E12578 at the checkout for your freebie!! 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

My new combination

I went to Cheshire recently with my boyfriend for the day and while i was there i picked up Lush's Lip Dip. I'm not a massive Lush shopper, but i think this one is their x-mas Lip scrub. There's so much packed in the little jar and it smells AMAZING. 
If you don't already know, the idea of the lip scrub is to put it on your lips to scrub the skin and make them "smooth and dry"
I've literally been applying this stuff constantly, and witthe yummy taste its pretty tempting to lick it off your lips too!

It has a sherbet-like consistency, but easy to scoop up with your finger. 
I'm finding in the colder weather the best things to use on my lips is this with some vaseline (as you can tell, my vaseline has been through the wars in my handbag!) and then lipstick on top. The one in the photo is Natural Nymph by elf.

Do any of you use any of these products? If not, what do you use?