Thursday, 18 November 2010

My new combination

I went to Cheshire recently with my boyfriend for the day and while i was there i picked up Lush's Lip Dip. I'm not a massive Lush shopper, but i think this one is their x-mas Lip scrub. There's so much packed in the little jar and it smells AMAZING. 
If you don't already know, the idea of the lip scrub is to put it on your lips to scrub the skin and make them "smooth and dry"
I've literally been applying this stuff constantly, and witthe yummy taste its pretty tempting to lick it off your lips too!

It has a sherbet-like consistency, but easy to scoop up with your finger. 
I'm finding in the colder weather the best things to use on my lips is this with some vaseline (as you can tell, my vaseline has been through the wars in my handbag!) and then lipstick on top. The one in the photo is Natural Nymph by elf.

Do any of you use any of these products? If not, what do you use?


  1. I don't use any of these, but they look good. I have to be in the moood for Lush but when they get it right its amazing!


  2. i know what you mean. The smell of the shop is quite overpowering and i never really feel the need to go in there, but i thought id give it a try. The vaseline tins are amazing though! x

  3. The lip stuff sounds great - might have to add it to my Xmas list! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be another follower for you ;) xx

  4. this sounds awesome! I have Lush Maple Taffy lip balm - its amazing! i had sore lips last night, whacked some on (it smells AMAZING!) and today my lips are smoooooth! xx

  5. I saw this in Lush and was so tempted to buy it as I think it smells gorgeous. I always go into Lush whenever I walk past - the smell drags me in! :)


  6. my lips are always dry when the weather changes...i could use something like this! love the smell of this store.


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