Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wait A Minute Mr Postman

Hoping when the lovely man (or woman) from parcel force turn up tomorrow this will look as good in person as it does in the picture.

I'm not normally a dress buyer, finding a dress that fits me properly in all the right places is quite hard and i  will undoubtedly end up sending it back, but when asos were offering 20% off their own brand stuff and free next day delivery (and the boyfriend said he would pay) i couldn't say no. And on top of that, i've been eyeing up a cross ring for ages and ordered one at the same time.
Ill post tomorrow and let you know the outcome! 

Also, i've noticed all these deals in the past few days (mainly from American brands/sites) for "Black Friday" i'm guessing its the sales after thanksgiving, but i'd never really noticed it much in past years. Is that me just being an idiot? maybe i'm checking my e-mails too much and getting too many offers from my favorite brands! (online shopping will be the death of me!)

Oh, tomorrow i'll do a post about what's been going on recently too, i've been trying to blog but ive got uni work to do (which im avoiding) and then not knowing what to write and trying to figure out what i want to include in my posts - photos of myself, clothes, etc. If any of you have opinions pleeeeease let me know.
Anyway, ill explain more tomorrow.


  1. Arghh I hate having big boobs I have exactly the same problem! I still manage to find dresses though, I think the key is what material its made out of, if theres a bit of stretch then Im usually ok! :) xx

  2. haha! im keeping my fingers crossed that it fits. Where do you normally get yours from? x

  3. This dress is awesome. I am curious as to how it fits now...the style kind of reminds me of the pink one Hayden Panattiere wore a few months back that was in all the magazine.

  4. It looks quite nice, but is slightly too big believe it or not. I also need to get it hemmed at the bottom because im short and it loks a bit too long on me. When i've got it all sorted ill take some photos and post them for you all to see! :) x

  5. I get them from everywhere! It really does just depend on the dress. Id say just always try them on, even if you think they might not fit, cos sometimes you can be suprised :) not oftenn like haha! xx

  6. I love dresses! Find them really versatile and easy to wear.. Hope you're pleased with it when it arrives!

  7. oh i tried something v simular to this on lately but thast back zip slays the one i tried !

  8. oooooooooooh i really like this dress, very cute :) ive been looking for a ncie one like this for ages!
    courtney xx

  9. Hey Steph, great blog youve got here. Thankyou for your comment on my blog btw.
    I got the blush from a website called cheap smells. You can get huge discounts on branded makeup. The website is

  10. Haha, I also noticed this Black Friday thing suddenly, I've never come across it before..

    Love the dress!

  11. Cragga?
    Wait a minute mr postman is a real good dubstep song :P


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