Saturday, 27 November 2010

A long winded, all over the place kind of update.

I'm hoping this isn't going to be too much of a long-winded boring post for you all, but i just wanted to keep you in the loop as to what's going on at the moment seen as i didn't do one at the beginning of the week, and there's a fair bit i want to talk (or should i say type?) about.

I have a uni deadline on monday. For those of you that follow me on twitter will know that it's been a right pain as i'm feeling so un-motivated. I've not felt so desperate to home before. I think its just being in the 3rd year and having so much to do and not wanting the stress of it. I think xmas will be such a good break (or at least  hope) and then maybe ill feel more motivated. For anyone wondering, I study graphic design (ive found loads of graphic design bloggers by the way!) and i'm in the process of doing the D&AD Umbro brief and YCN Sega brief. (Both are advertising actually) but i want (i think) to get into the advertising side of Graphic Design. We'll see what happens i guess. 
I've pretty much been living on cups of tea these past few weeks. Its been so cold and horrible that the thought of drinking anything else just doesn't seem like a realistic option. The only thing i dont understand about myself is that when i go to Starbucks, i find myself drinking a strawberry's and cream frappichino. (genuinely laughing while i'm writing considering i just said about not drinking anything else) i hate weak tea, and coffee shops or cafe's just dont do nice tea. (i dont like hot chocolate or coffee) i'm so strange!!
I don't know if any of you took part in the Sleek 50% off offer? It happened about 2 weeks ago, and they got inundated with orders, they sent out a big announcement on facebook yesterday saying that they were sorry so many people have been messed about and that they basically can't complete anymore orders (unless you got sent an e-mail) luckily enough when i checked my junk box on hotmail it was sat their waiting (i didn't think i had one seen as my blackberry didn't tell me i had an email) So finally i might receive the bits i ordered within the next week. According to them, they're going to be sending out individual codes for people that were unsuccessful. Admittedly i can sit here now and be glad that my order eventually got confirmed, but if they'd had told me i couldn't have my bits i'd have been so annoyed. In their defense i don't think they realised how popular it was going to turn out to be. On the other hand, i've been so frustrated with them for not sorting it out sooner and ignoring the tweets/e-mails that i (and other people) have sent them. Hopefully they wont bodge things like that up in future.
Yesterday Blink 182 tickets came out on sale for their UK tour, i tried SOOOOO hard to get tickets for Birmingham, but ticketmaster messed up and when i managed to get onto seetickets they only had seating, so i gave up *boo* Luckily today though they've released 2 more dates at Cardiff and Sheffield (i think) so me and the boy are off to see them in Cardiff. A bit of a treck and more hassle seen as we'll be driving from, well, wherever we are after we graduate, (hopefully somewhere like Bristol) but i'm sure it'll be worth it.
Last night, we saw the first bit of snow and it feels like christmas is getting so much closer. Uni was closed so much last year January due to snow, so keeping my fingers more more of it and more snowfights on the days uni's cancelled!
My hair isn't seeming to do much at the moment and i want a massive change. The temptation of getting it all snipped off is so appealing, but i love having long hair. Im thinking of maybe investing in some extensions for more volume and length. Can anyone recommend any good ones? 
I've noticed more and more new followers, and im grateful to all of you for reading about me and my boring life and the opinions i have on things. It really means alot. I have big ideas for the blog for the future! :)
On the subject of the blog, i wanted to know what you all think about the idea of photos. I'm not sure if i want to put photos of myself on here. I've noticed lots of blogs have outfit posts and general fashion-type posts, but i wouldn't consider myself to be fashionable, and don't know what you'd all think of the idea. Do you like these kind of blogs or not? I dont want to turn my blog into something my followers didn't initially start following me for (there must be a reason you all clicked follow) although i like the idea of showing you the jewellery i'm wearing and things along those lines.
Right, thats my post done, i think, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think because you're all such a big part of this place and i want to know what you enjoy seeing and you don't. Also, don't forget to follow me on twitter xx


  1. I love Blink 182!! I've missed their concert here in Italy in September :-(

    kisses, Giulia

  2. I literally cannot fathom how UK students complete a semester without the Thanksgiving break that the US students get. It was such a lifesaver before finals. You should definitely cut your hair! I cut 10 inches off mine and it was so liberating! GOod luck on your deadline and I'm totally jealous of your Blink 182 tickets!

  3. ou, I very like UR blog :*
    is very nice and cute !
    UR notes are very interesting :)
    more more more more !!

    follow me and write comment if you want ;**


  4. very cute blog :) new follower! :)

  5. Our first uni semester runs from September to December, it's not too much really, but theres so much stress involved in the third year as i have 3 projects and a dissertation all going at one time. (when 2 projects finish, i get 2 more) its a never-ending cycle! lol. So much stress and worry at the minute.

    Thank you Martienn and Donna for your comments. (and following) i really appreciate it. I think im going to start putting more photos of myself up. Maybe not so much outfit posts as the things i wear dont compete with most people, but i suppose i wear what i like and find comfy. Also, i love my accessories and i think alot of bloggers and followers do. I guess illjust see how it goes. :)

    Kallie, ill porbably just look for some hair extensions so it can get longer and thicker (or appear it!) lol. :) x

  6. Ooooh i like the idea of you posting about jewelry ! :) I love jewellery and seen as your from the U.K it would be nice to see posts about jewellery which you can find in the U.K :)

  7. aww thanks. :) i think ill probably do it. Just need to get my tripod from home and find a place that i can do it. :) x

  8. Princess I hope you do well with your uni project. And about your blog, write and post what you feel is right for you. I post about anything that runs thru my mind, I don't focus on outfit posts or anything very much because I feel it's something everyone is doing and I want to keep true to myself and such.

    Hope you have a sweet week.

  9. lovely post

    we are trying to find the brand of the clothes, accessories and shoes we saw on internet or anywhere. help us, or send us something you want our blog to find. it's easy and simple :)

  10. sophie - i know what u mean. thats why i dont do outfits, and i wont be doing them. If i like it and it fits in with the style of the blog, its going up! :) x

  11. Hi Steph, thanks for stopping by my page, you have a cute blog! On the subject of photos, I don't feel like you have to post pictures of yourself - it's a blog and you post about what you want :-) But taking your own photos is always nice as people get an insight to your life as it's probably so much different to theirs (which I'm noticing quite a bit since I'm an Aussie blogger and I don't follow many others from Australia :-) Would love to see jewelery though!

  12. Hi Steph, thanks for your lovely comment. I'm lucky enough to study in the city I live.
    I love the idea of photos and text (that's what I love to blog about) but I agree with Leanne, you should post about what you want. You don't have to post pics of you, you could just show what you're wearing laid out on the floor or on a hanger (that would be different to other blogs) or the make up you're using, jewellery you love etc.

  13. hey thanks for your blog comment!
    please follow me :)


  14. Thank you for passing through my blog!giving me a chance to see yours!
    About the personal photos..Post a photo when you feel ok by doing it. Relaxed and happy with your creationIf you feel you will be too much exposed.. too many eyes..Then dont.
    Just be you!

  15. Thanks. I dont be doing fashion or face shots for the time being i dont think :) x

  16. do a jewelry post!!! your blog is super cute!!! <3

  17. Love the blog :) Thanks for commenting on mine!
    Would love for you to follow me back <3

    Love Chanel


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