Sunday, 21 November 2010

Review - Lee Stafford - Sea Salt Spray

If you're a regular to my blog, you'll know that the other day i bought some products from the Lee Stafford range, i've tried 2 of them so far and will try the last one later today, anyway, i thought i'd give the sea salt spray a quick review for you seen as i pretty much know what i want to say on it. 

Firstly, like i said i my last post, im not a huge fan of the packaging, im sure if you're a pink lover you would, but the whole range just seems too much for my liking. Secondly, i was initially happy that there were bits floating around within the bottle, it (to me) seemed like that would give the product some extra oomph! (boy was i wrong) the bits inside actually look like bits of dead skin floating around (although im sure its not)

The first thing i want to mention is what it actually says on the bottle: "this defining sea salt spray will bring out the tousled textured look you can usually only get after swimming in the sea.. until now! hair will still feel soft to touch, but with added bounce, definition and body to die for!"

Here goes... The first thing i have to mention is that i followed what it said, i washed my hair, put around 50 pumps in and left to dry. The first thing you'll notice with it is that the pump isn't a mist, it comes out more like when you have your hosepipe on "Jet" so you've constantly got to make sure you're moving it around at all times. Second thing that i hated about this product was the smell. I'm sure when you were younger you experienced what it was like to have nits? I'm not lying when i say this product smelt like the stuff your mum would put in your hair to get rid of the nits! it was absolutely hideous! No matter what you'll be doing after spraying it, you can't get rid of the smell. Another thing i didn't like was the way it looked and felt. I hate that feeling of having lots of product in my hair, and it looked and felt dirty! My boyfriend said the look of it was like when you stick your head under the shower, but don't actually wash your hair. So its still dirty, but wet. (Not a nice look!) and to be honest, the beach waves didn't really appear, it just seemed to be the same as my natural hair looks when drying, but with a lot of smelly spray in it. The only time i was impressed with the stuff, was when i tied it up, and the product held my natural waves.

For £5.99, i really don't feel that this product lived up to the hype i expected and i will never be re-purchasing it again!
I'm sure it works for some peopler, but im not one of them. Have any of you tried it before? what were your opinions on it?


  1. Well I'm glad I read this becuse honestly I'v been looking for some sea salt spray and this sounds awful!

    I think the worst thing I got was toni and guy resurrection dust, its meant to add volume, definition etc but it just made my hair knotty and sticky, ont good when you have to put it in at the roots!


  2. It must work for other people, because i have read some good reviews, but i hate that horrible feeling of having lots of product in my hair! and when it smelt like nit lotion, its a definite no-no! lol. x

  3. Glad I didnt buy it now, was thinking about it the other day! xx

  4. It looks so cute that I would buy it if I saw it but I'm glad I read this review :D
    Great blog!

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  5. the looks of this product are so decieving, because it looks pretty i'd be so likely to buy it! so glad i read this review! great blog, definately following you!!
    courtney xx

  6. Aww, thank you very much! :)
    i know what you mean, im a sucker for images and the right words on the packaging. If only i could actually find decent stuff! gaah! lol x


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