Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lee Stafford Spendings.

Once again, no matter how poor i am, i've managed to walk into boots and find something to spend my money on! (behave, Steph!)
If you didn't already know, loads of products in Boots are back on 3 for 2, i'd read recently that the Lee Stafford Hair Treatment and Sea Salt Spray were worth investing my pennies on, so i toddled in and found them.
Now as you can clearly tell, everything is a bit, pink. I'm not really too keen on that over the top look and generally i don't even bother looking at his line of products because it looks too girly for me, but on the recommendation of a beauty blogger i thought why not?!

The first thing i looked for was the Sea Salt Spray. Apparently you're supposed to squirt about 50 pumps of this bad boy in your "towel dried" hair (so you'll probably be needing another bottle in a very short space of time) and then either blow-dry it or leave it to dry naturally. The thing i like the look of with this is that you can see the bits floating around in it. Now i know that doesn't sound too lovely, but it means its more than just any random liquid. Im hoping for good things from this bottle!

The next item i wanted to get was the hair treatment. Once again, i'd heard good things about this and wanted to see what it could do for me. I already own the Tresemme thermal recovery treatment but i only use that about once a week, and recently where i've dyed my hair, the conditioner i got to keep my colour "vibrant" makes my hair greasy. So im trying to use that as little possible..gaah.
Anyway, this one says to keep it on for about 5 mins between shampooing and conditioning. Also, it can be used from root to tip so i'm looking forward to being able to just slap it all on and see how it goes. I'm not overly keen on the smell (its at the bottom of my list for smell for a masque) and the consistency is quite runny when comparing it to other treatments i've used too. So, again we shall see. fingers crossed it helps my hair get stronger and longer though. 

Now i'm sure you'll have all heard of Dust It. The last thing i got was pretty much the same thing, but Lee Stafford's version. As i've said in previous posts, my hair is quite lifeless at the mo due to heat damage, so any extra boost i can get is mega helpful. I've used Dust It in the past and generally, i quite like it, although i havn't ever bought it before (i'm not really sure why) so when i saw this baby sat on the shelf i knew i had to have it. With a price tag of about £9 for a little pot it's not mega pricey, but its not cheap for the size, although fingers crossed that it'll last a while. Something that has annoyed me with it though is that its not properly full (none of them were) so that lets the brand down again! but most products are like that i guess.
Anyway, your supposed to rub some of this genius stuff onto your roots and watch them mattify up. I have to say i've used it once to see what its like and i'm pleasantly surprised, but we'll see!

I'll use the products for a bit and give you an proper review of them at a later date.
Do you have any of these products? 
Love them or hate them? 
Let me know! x


  1. That sea salt spray sounds very interesting! What is it meant to do to/for your hair? xoxo

  2. Ive used the lee stafford heat spray before, and if its the same smell as the hair treatment then I agree its not too nice. Im not sure why as I cant pinpoint what I dont like about it, but its put me off other products. Im on the lookout for a good salt spray though so if its any good ill have a go :) xx

  3. Its supposed to give you shine and moistureand look all nice and wavy, but earlier i though i'd give it a try, put some in my hair, and im not a massive fan so far. Im sure we shall see with time.

    Dan, it smells like nit lotion. it reminds me of being in first school and having my mum put that horrible comb through my hair. Not a fan of that! x

  4. I have this hair mask and I adore it!!


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