Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Weekly update

I know this is a little off subject, but i thought i'd share what's been going on with you all recently. Maybe you like this, maybe you dont? let me know.

+ My boyfriend's uncle + aunty had their 2nd baby yesterday. Another boy to welcome to that side of the family. They called him Daniel. We've only seen photos of him so far but were hoping to go up and see them this weekend. They didn't know what they were expecting so have mainly cream clothes, so we bought some blue bodysuits from Matalan for them. The kids clothes are so cute its unreal. 

+ My uni project came to a complete standstill today! If you're doing or know anything about creative courses (or the creative industry) you'll have heard of D&AD. I'm trying to do the Umbro brief, but its becoming a bit of a pain seeing as they want you to try and advertise trainers that havn't even been released yet. I was hoping to photograph some of the trainers i could get my hands on, but the shop i almost bought them from said i wasn't able to return them, so now i have to go in and photograph them there. The BIGGEST pain in the arse!

+ I've had the worst cold ever these past few days. Slowly i'm recovering but i suffer from asthma, so it takes a while longer than most "healthy" people. (ha!) I really should get this flu jab sorted!

+ Me and my boyfriend went out for dinner tonight, it was lovely, we were hoping to go and see that new film Due Date after, but missed the 9pm showing and would have been too rushed to catch the 9.30, so we're hoping to see it tomorrow night. Its made by the same people as The Hangover (one of my all time favourite films!) So it should be good. Also Jackass 3D looks funny as. Saw the full-length 3D trailer when we went to see Saw 3D. (too many 3d films for an already glasses-wearing girl!) and it looked hilarious! Have any of you seen it? i've only heard good things.

+ Im hoping to pop over to Birmingham tomorrow, i'm SUPER excited that Forever21 has made its way here, so i need to snatch up as many clothes as i can while im not too far from Brum. Also, i want to lay my hands on some of the Urban Outfitters polishes. They look amazing. I think my first buy will be tangerine.

+ I'm considering getting a new SLR. The one i already have isn't too great and is really just an SLR casing with a normal digi-cam inners. Im looking up some good'uns, im thinking a cannon. Do any of you have any decent ones? I need recommendations! :) 

Hope you're all doing well. I see i have some new followers and thats great. I hope you're enjoying the blog. Keep spreading the word. <3 x

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