Monday, 15 November 2010

Product Review - Beautiful Ends

I love my hair products, they're always the thing i look at first when i go into shops like Superdrug or Boots. So i thought after buying this many many months ago, i should do a review for you all as i've tried and tested it.

Now the first thing i need to express is that this is solely my opinion, the product may work better or worse in your hair than it did in mine, but i feel as a blogger i should express the things i like and dislike about the products i spend my money on. (thats the reason i set up this blog)

Firstly, the thing that enticed me to this product was the fact its been made for split ends.

Clairol says:
"I daily defy and defeat split ends and breakage. My luscious formula with red raspberry and silk extracts leaves your hair protected and luscious."

My hair isn't in its strongest form at the moment, nor has it been for a while, but i can't get the hand of how to make this stuff work well in my hair.

The smell is absolutely gorgeous, and a definite selling point. Along with that, Herbal essence shampoo and conditioners tend to work well in my hair and i love the way they make it smell and feel.

The directions for use say to use around 2 pumps for mid-long length hair and rub through your ends and just leave in. 

After doing this, and blow-drying my hair, i can tell there's products in my hair (that feeling i never get when using products like heat defense) and it makes it fel dirty again. Also, when i straighten or curl it, again i can still feel the product and just constantly feel like i need to wash it out again.
On top of this, i can't tell that its made any difference to my ends. (only making them feel grubby!)
The only good point i can make about this stuff is that it smells like a dream and that does stay with you for quite a while.

Overall, i can say that im not particularly impressed with the product, which i feel is a shame, because the rest of the Herbal Essence range is a super hit in my book!
What do you all think? Do you like using Herbal Essence products? Would you recommend them?

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