Thursday, 25 November 2010

Eyeko delivery

So this morning i got a couple of packages from Eyeko. Firstly i got my ambassadors pack. This included a few "business cards" for want of a better way of describing it. Also a postcard and a lipgloss in Knightsbridge.

Along with this, i ordered 2 nail varnishes in Vintage Polish and Rain Polish. Fat Balm in Minty,
Graffiti Eyeliner in Black, and for spending over £15, i got a free Silver Glitter Eyeliner. 

The consistency of the polishes are quite runny in comparison to Models Own or Barry M, but still come out of the bottle true to the colour of the bottle and work nicely on their own or even on top of a white base coat.

The graffiti eyeliner pen i've wanted to try for ages, i can't express how nicely it goes on and how it doesn't budge when its dried, definitely worth a try.

The fat balms are much smaller in person than i actually imagined them to be, but still really nice. I chose the lightest one in the minty flavour and instantly you can smell the mint in it. The packaging isn't the nicest, but the product itself seems to make up for it.

The glitter eyeliner isn't something that i would generally wear, but maybe for a night out or fancy dressed (i actually tried it on my nails today for a difference to a design) and it seems so nice. Lots of glitter!

Lastly, the Knightsbridge lipgloss. I'm not really a lipgloss wearer, but i love the colour (and taste) of this. Its not in your face, but it doesnt seem to rub off easily either.

On another note, sorry about the photo/s, my camera decided to play up and make everything orange tones, so mega editing and finding brightest light (all photos were taken balanced on my macbook for the light from the screen) and i've lost the bit for the charger for my SLR and both batteries are dead. Im hoping to properly sort it out tomorrow, but im hoping to spend all day at uni finishing my D&AD & YCN briefs

Don't forget to enter my code E12578 at the checkout for a free gift, delivery is also free for anyone in the UK or Europe!


  1. I ordered a fat balm gift set yesterday! Really wanna try the graffiti pen as well xx

  2. these are so cute, love the packaging!

    nice blog!


  3. I have the Vintage nail polish. Love the colour =] nice blog. xx Thanks for comment on mine. And Im sure you could get away with wearing it =]


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