Sunday, 22 May 2011

My new camera!

. by TheRealStephhh 
This morning i went to the car boot and picked this camera up. I dont generally take a huge interest into cameras because i don't know much about them, but when the lady said they were only £1 i thought id see what one tickled my fancy. This is a 'Hanimex 110 DF Tele' if anyone wanted to know. I need to find a film for it, and get some batteries, but hopefully when i pop into town tomorrow ill be able to get some for it. I dont know if it works yet (probably not) but if not, then it doesnt matter too much. If anyone has any knowledge on the camera, please leave me a comment!

Sorry for my lack of posting recently. After finishing university lectures forever on Monday i've just been relaxing really (and sleeping after having so many late nights and early mornings) im trying to get all my work sorted for my exhibition in just over a week and tidying/packing my house in order to leave soon. Its been a good 3 years of uni life and i would seriously recommend it to anyone who's unsure (although the fees are ridiculously high!) So the next part of my life is upon me and i really need to find a full time job. Luckily i already have a part time job at home, which will keep me ticking over until i find something more permanent. 

I do have a post planned for tomorrow, so please keep a look out for it (providing blogger allows me to post pics - something that literally took hours to do tonight)

-sorry about the new header by the way, looks terrible. ill sort it out this week-


  1. Wow!! The camera look so awesome!! If it works, you should upload how the photos look like :D i'd like to see how it turns out :D

  2. im hoping to find a film, though it looks like it'll be quite small so who knows? will do though! :)


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