Monday, 23 May 2011


As i keep mentioning, for my last ever (unmarked) module, we have to show our work in an exhibition. Today we gave in our 'contact cards' with some form of imagery on them.
I don't want to do graphic design after university, so i came up with a simple identity to show myself by. The actual colour of the design is slightly lighter, i dont know why its uploaded darker? What do you think of it?

Do any of you have to do a similar thing? is anyone else thinking they don't actually want to do the subject they are going to graduate in? Let me know.


  1. a) I really like it
    b) I am totally with you on what I studied.

    I think that the world works in mysterious ways, you may not think you want to do graphic design - and that's fine - but think of how useful of a tool it will be for all jobs no matter what you choose? Having a background into marketing and how to use your skill on other things can only really mean you're broadening your creativity right? I am totally crazy but its okay to feel lost with your schooling choice. Everything happens for a reason :)

  2. aww thank you kirsty. I know what you mean. I really enjoy the visual side of design, but not the designing, and i dont think its for me. Id rather realise that now and try and find a career i'd love than be in something i don't enjoy. I want to get into visual merchandising so i still get to be visual and hopefully creative with displays and stuff. We'll see i guess! x


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