Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bookmarked #1

Searching on the Miss Selfridge website for some graduation dress ideas and i found this lovely dress. Paired with a nice pair of heels, i think it could look really good, (im not a big dress wearer!) wether or not it'll suit me is another matter. I'll have to try it on when i'm next in town! 

Spotted this satchel on asos. it's actually a River Island brand. Pricey at £60, but it'll be mine if it ever comes down in the sale!

Toms, a pair for a pair, just doing my bit while having lovely looking shoes on my feet. 

How cute are these earrings from New Look? Spotted them online earlier, and only £3!

Not sure how long this top as been on the Topshop website for (i'm not generally a topshop buyer) but i think its a gorgeous colour and now i reeeeally want it!


  1. I'm normally not drawn to navy blue but that bag is gorgeous! Everything you picked I love.


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