Monday, 13 June 2011

University: End Of An Era.

I don't often do posts like this, but today i found out my overall marks for my university course. I leave Cheltenham tomorrow to head to Joe's before heading off to Italy for a week on Thursday. I've found these 3 years to be some of the best, and worst times of my life. I've met some amazing people, and some people i probably won't ever talk to again, but the experiences i've had at university have been some i'll never forget.

Although i don't want to go into graphic design now i have a degree in it, doesn't mean my degree wasn't worth it, i love the visual side, but i'm not a massive love of the designing side. Having a degree still works in my favour, and looking for visual jobs, there are actually more available than i first thought. Packing up my room, saying goodbye to my housemates and having one last drink with the friends that are still around tonight will be some of the hardest times. I thought i'd include a few photos. Enjoy. x

Celebrating my 20th birthday geek style.

convincing my housemates it would be a good idea to paint our faces like clowns at 1am

Going to New York for a 2 week internship but getting stuck due to the Icelandic ashcloud and meeting other stuck english folk!

Celebrating my 21st as a panda

Meeting the boy of my dreams in halls and still being with him (close to) 3 years later.

Being part of the bright young things exhibition.

many pub golf's 

meeting some of the best people in halls.

Good luck to anyone that's just finished uni. Im bricking it. x


  1. you didn't meet a load of school kids from birmingham in new york did you? haha! i can't wait to go to uni, hope you are successful in whatever you do next x x x

  2. i did meet loads of school kids, but im not sure where they were from. i want to say manchester? i met them at the icerink at rockerfeller centre. Thank you, good luck for if/when you go to uni! :) xx


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