Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nude Rainbow

Im loving the mix of glitters and colours at the mo when it comes to nail art. I've also noticed alot of other bloggers only applying detail on one nail, so i thought i'd give the look ago myself. Of course the nude colour is Models Own's Nude Beige (my all time fav!) and the glitter on my ring finger is GOSH's Rainbow, another favourite for random details. Together it looks like so much nicer than the photo showed up, so i definitely recommend trying this, or recreating your own with any other type of glitter you have (the good thing about rainbow is that its actually a glitter coated in lots of clear polish, rather than being very glittery (think barry m 'red glitter'), so its easy peasy to get off!) Im also waiting for the day my nails decide to grow so i can do nail art on the tips, because (as you can see) the difference in lengths is crazy- and its only going to get worse when i go back to work. (damn having to open cans!) 


  1. that is such a lovely neutral colour x

  2. I love models own and have this nude colour to, it's amazing.
    Liking the one nail detailing so may have to try it out!


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