Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Face-Off: Losers Of 2010

Over the past few day's i've been thinking of the best and worst products i've tried this year, I'm going to separate them up into 
best and worst, hair and face
So, Here are my personal losers of the face-off.

Number one has to be L'Oreal's "Perfect Clean" 
The scrublet sold it to me initially, but after using it a couple of times, it made my skin completely dry up, go flakey and all bumpy. I just didn't react well to it.

Number two, E.L.F's "Small smudge brush"
I thought it would be good for eyeliner, or when im doing detail face-paint for fancy dress. I was wrong. Its really scratchy and now never gets used.

Number three, Natural Collection's "Tinted Moisturiser"
You know when you're in a panic because you forget your make-up and dash into boots to find something cheap for the night? That was where i picked this loser up. I wasn't expecting it to be brilliant for £2, i just needed something until i could get my normal one. This was thick, didnt blend onto the face well, and as soon as i touched my face, it became patchy. I will never ever repurchase this again.

Number four, E.L.F's "Natural Radiance Blusher"
When it arrived in its flimsy, cheap-looking packaging i had my doubts, but it seems to just create a mess and not actually bother giving you much product on the brush. Cheap fail!

What have been your loser face products of 2010?


  1. O that cool that u did a review of all the suxie products! ^^ now we know what to stay away from! <3

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  2. I don't really have any loser face products, but then I haven't tried many new ones. I'm surprised at the ELF blusher, I usually love their products.

  3. This is a good idea! I gotta say my loser face product has to be the bare escentuals eyeshadows, they lasted about 5 mins before rubbing off completely xx

  4. Such a good post. Clarins hydro quench cream is my number one fail product for the year. x hivennn.

  5. lol great post - i dont have any to add though xx

  6. Thanks guys!! its such a shame about them. The blusher is the cleap one though, so to be fair, if id have bought the one from the studio line, i probably wouldnt be complaining! lol xx

  7. the l'oreal face wash did exactly the same to me, and my face isnt even that sensitive! x

  8. wow thanks for the heads up on the face wash i almost bought htat a few weeks back!!

    My HUGE Loser of 2011 would be No.7 foundation primer.
    Crumbled when you apply foundation and oh god just awful i complained to boots and got my money back! x

  9. i had such big hopes for the stuff. i dont know why it didnt work. I literally went without makeup for about 2 weeks and was constantly putting e45 on my face. ha. :)
    i didnt realise you could do that! if a product is that bad, its not worth the money is it. :( xx


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