Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Face-Off: Winners Of 2010

Continuing on from my last post, here are my winners of the face-off!

Mac 187
I got this back at the beginning of summer, i was so excited to get it, but after paying about £30, i really didn't want to use it to make it dirty (ha!) but its such a good brush, if you have to money to spend on a foundation brush, i definitely recommend this one. its amazing! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation.
I've been using it a few months, i'm not sure about their colour range as i usually just look for the lightest ones, but this one matches me really well. I love the formulation of it and i like that its matte. Im not a fan of the shiny face!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
The only thing i don't like about this is the price, other than that, its such a good mascara. It separates your lashes and adds length well.

Sleek's twist-up eye pencil.
I've only been using it for about a week, but its so smooth and goes on well! A very good eyeliner if you like something similar to a khol, but don't like liquid liners.

What products win your face-off? any of the one's i've mentioned?


  1. I've used the Rimmel stay matte foundation many times and loved it. I usually go for the lightest shade too as I'm quite pale.
    I love the ELF makeup brushes, they're so soft and easy to use.

  2. I also love the 187, its my favourite! The price is pretty annoying.. but when the xmas collections come out they have them inthe brush sets too i think, (: xx

  3. Definitely love the MaxFactor False Lash Effect, my fave new mascara :)

  4. i am glad you love the 187.. i thought i would BUT.. it sheds so bad!!! does yours? I really wanted to love it but I can not stand how much it sheds :(

  5. i always use the Max Factor mascara and i love it, follow my blog,iam following you

  6. I love the 187 too and now I'm really wanting those Sleek eye pencils!

  7. I think Sleek deliver to the US? though the postage is pretty high. Im thinking of maybe including a few bits of theirs and barry m in my giveaway (check it out ion the new year!) as alot of international followers can;t get their hands on them.

    My 187 shed a little bit when i first got it, but not anymore? maybe wash it thoroughly a few times (be rugged, but not too tough) and see if it helps?

    Im desperate to get a full set of sigma/mac brushes in my life. But im too poor at the mo. :( xx

  8. I really beed to pick up that mascara, love this post!
    i'm now following your blog, (: xo
    check out mine / follow back?

  9. i love rimmel matte foundation, it's the best :)

    'for all your latest fashion updates!'

  10. I could not live without my 187, the best brush ever, hands down. Its so versatile and I use it DAILY!

  11. I use the 187 foundation brush could not live without takes the effect out of foundation and gives me an airbrushed look great post xoxo

  12. Lots of people have been blogging about sleek products but I haven't tried them yet. Might give that eye liner a go though.
    Lancome Hypnose mascara is my fave product ever, can't live without it!


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