Saturday, 18 December 2010

Jibber Jabber

Hey guys and girls, sorry i've not posted in a couple of days. It has been manic.

As i'm sure you're all aware, the weather has got mega bad, and we've finally got snow here in Gloucestershire. Only problem is today was supposed to be our uni xmas meal, thats been called off and some of us have tried to go home. 
Me and Joe were supposed to be going to his for a few days before i head home to Oxford for xmas with my family, but when my housemate got me up at 11am to tell me she was going, we panicked and decided it would be a better idea to head off in the daytime rather than after the meal tonight (not thinking it would actually snow tonight) but after having to pop to Halfords to get a new wiper (the rubber bit on the wiper blade came off last night) we decided that the snow was getting heavier and we should eave sooner rather than later. Packed the car full of Mine and Joes stuff and as we got to the roundabout that's about 5 minutes from the motorway, we decided it wasn't such a good idea and turned back. I also found out my housemate got about 20 minutes out of Cheltenham and ended up in a verge at the side of the road, so she also drove back and will be getting the train home tomorrow. Luckily she's ok.
Im genuinely gutted. Ive been wanting snow for a while, but not when i wanted to go home. So now we're in limbo. thinking we want to go tomorrow but it probably won't happen till Monday, then i go to Oxford on Wednesday (Joes from Stoke, so its about 2 hours drive) If worst comes to worst ill be getting a train home from his to mine. My mum told me on the phone that she would rather me stay at Joes if the weather stayed bad than drove home in bad weather for xmas. Its so sad. :(

I had taken some photos of bits i wanted to show you, but thought id do a jibber jabber because i didnt do one at the beginning of the week like i had planned. Never mind.

Also, before all of this, i wanted to put up a photo of myself from photobooth, but we literally got up and left today, so i look like crap. Hense no photograph.

What else? i managed to get the majority of my xmas prezzies and wrap most of them. Looking forward to putting them under the tree.

Anyway, i just wanted to do a quick update, if you follow me on twitter you'll know more about what's going on.

Hope you're all keeping safe in this weather. Has it disrupted anyone else's plans?


  1. That sucks. Im so glad I came home Thursday before all the snow or I probs would have been stuck. Hope it all works out! xx

  2. You're so lucky! We would have left earlier, but about 18 of us organised to have this big roast. It's been a good laugh tonight though (for those of us thats still here) x

  3. the snow messed up my weekend too xxx

  4. hey girl,
    thanks for checking my blog :) and most definitely I'll be posting an outfit of the day pretty soon. Don't know when but soon. anyways have a good holiday.

    Love; Debbie


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