Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Time!

Eurgh, how fat does my fingers/hand want to look?!

Sorry for lack of posts recently, (i know im forever saying that!) i managed to make it back from Joes okay on Wednesday after a bad start to the day. But the motorways were fine and it took me about 2 hours, like it normally does. So i was very pleased. 

The ring above is something i've wanted for ages. Joe knew i wanted one and bought it me and gave it me as an early present as i wont be seeing him till the day after boxing day, i'm not sure where he go it from, but i love it. :)

Are you all excited for xmas? I done the rounds today with cards and prezzies for my friends. All out prezzies are sitting nicely under the tree ready for tomorrow. Ill take a picture of it and upload it in a post soon.

My giveaway will be going on in the new year like i said a couple of months ago, so get thinking about maybe what you would like to se included. I already have a few bits, i will be adding to it soon though and reveal more within time! :)

What are your holiday traditions? Tonight we'll be playing board games, eating lots of chocolate and watching films infront of the fire, then wake up to find hat santa's been and left a stocking at the end of my bed (which he normally kindly puts a satsuma in!..cheers!)

Hope you all have a lovely xmas and get everything you've asked for. 

Dont forget to let me know what sorts of things you want in the giveaway!


  1. Very cute ring!! x Newest follower :)

  2. Love the ring, i really want one xo

  3. aww, i love that ring!
    thank you for the comment! it means alot to me :)
    It's nice to know that someone understands :)
    Nice blog!
    Nat xo
    following :)

  4. oh my god!
    i saw one of these rings on pixie lott ages ago on her video for turn it up i think?
    and so i made one of my ownn!
    its so easy, just get a ring you dont really like and take whatever is on it off and grab the super glue and bam.
    so for all who want one.. make it.
    its easyyyy :')))

    love the blog..

    :) xxxx


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