Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jibber Jabber

How depressing is this weather? Anyone outside of the UK has probably read blogs on the depressingness (is that even a word?) of the weather here at the moment. Its constantly foggy, cold and dreary! In the Midlands it's not even snowing properly. We keep getting bits of.."rice" (as Joes housemate calls it) where its like all flakey, but not thick enough to settle. Its depressing. I want a snow fight!
I accidently left my coat at home this weekend and stupidly didnt realise till i got back to uni on Sunday evening, what an idiot! So after having abit of a go at Joe (not that it was his fault) we went to town today to do some crimbo shopping and  managed to grab a new one (not that i like it, but needs must!) I was hoping to pop back home again this weekend for my mums birthday, but i'm mega skint and have been given the chance to work at Cheltenham Racecourse (look online for jobs if you live in the Midlands) During gold cup week last year i worked for Tote (bookies) on the grounds and managed to make a decent ammount of wages + tips, but i havn;t worked for them since March and the computer things they use are mega confusing (you have to know each and every type of bet..its confusing for someone that don't have a clue!) but Joe worked for the carparkin company, its roughly the same money and id only be working in the morning, so ive decided to do that for a couple of days so i can make some serious moolah!

I bought some more fairy light when i went to the 99p shop the other day (oh how exciting is my life!?) so it would look more festive. It looks more cosy than festive, but i like it. So now im sat in my "cosy" freezing room thinking about better times. Mainly New York back this Easter

I dont think ive spoke much about New York in older posts? i dont know, but back in Easter i decided to take my work placement out in New York. (As you may know) i do a Graphic Design course at uni, and one of the modules is doing work experience/placement/interning at a design studio for a minimum of 2 weeks. When i was in college i managed to e-mail a design company called Vault49, they e-mailed me back (which i never expected) and a couple of years later when i was thinking about work placements, i went there. (i feel like i should stress that i paid for everything. Hotel, flights, food/drink...everything.)  [To anyone that now claims me to be "rich" please dont. I scrimped and saved like manic to be able to afford it] Anyway, when i was out there the ash cloud thing started and i was fucked to say the last. [i had no money, i almost got kicked out of the hotel for not being able to afford it and i literally ate nothing] I missed a good week or 2 of uni and ended up being in deep shit with my tutors for missing such "important times" of my course. But they were some amazing times, going to do a job i wanted in a place i never imagined. I was a completely different way of living, a whole new culture. (id been to NY previously, but only for about 4 days in 2006) The weather was amazing, and the view from the building was actually breathtaking (especially in the evening) but it made me realise how much New York is like London. There were always sirens going off and it was never "peaceful" and it was SOOOOO expensive. Anyway, no doubt people want to know more about that, if you do let me know and i can always do another post. I seem to be going off subject a little bit.

(Below is the view from the studio. It looked out onto Madison Square Park - the queue of people is for a milkshake stall called the "shake shack" and the building lit in the background is the Empire State building. The darker it got, the more amazing the view was.)

So yeah, back onto now. Im in the middle of series 3 of friends and i aim to watch all 10 series by xmas. I've seen them all before, a million times over, but its so nice to watch them all in order before you go to bed or when you wake up. At one point i was on the same episodes as E4. I love knowing what's happening or what's going to happen next. how sad is that!  I think Im going onto the American office next. Has anyone seen it? I can't even watch the english one because im not a fan of Gervais i'm afraid, he's too annoying! but its actually hilarious. I love Pam & Jim <3

Something else i need to quickly add is that i know i said i was thinking of doing a competition when i hit 50 subscribers, but its all gone up in a bit of a whirlwind and im so grateful to al the new followers, but i don't think ill be able to do it until after xmas with everything going on at the moment, and it would be nice to open it up internationally and to make it fair i'd want to leave it up for a decent amount of time. Anyway, ill keep you posted with more info on it in the new year! Sorry! :(

Sorry for rambling, I hope you've all had a good weekend! 
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  1. I've seen every Friends episode about a million times (slight exaggeration, but a lot anyway)I have the whole set on DVD and there's 3 episodes on E4 every night. Friends always cheers me up. I've seen the English Office which I loved, haven't seen the American.

  2. Yeah im like that with friends, but my boyfriend bought me the complete box set of series 1-10 on dvd for xmas last year and we havn;t really watched many because theyre always on tv, so were making it a mission to complete it! haha. you neeeeed to watch the american office! its amazing!! x

  3. I've watched all the friends episodes they're great, and definately try to get them all watched, you'll be SURE to enjoy! :)

  4. Oh my god i'm obsessed with the American office - its so great!! I will start dramas which are like in thier 4th season or something and watch them one after the other - it's so depressing when I catch up with TV and have to wait weekly or LONGER when they go on a break mid season. The only entire boxset which I have gone through 3/4 times is sex and the city - love it. Current favs is the US office - of course, Fringe and Dexter!! check them out.


  5. Wow that sounds so interesting, I didnt know you'd done a placement in New York! I'd love to hear more about it in a seperate post.

    My third year requires a full year placement, and I have no idea where I want to do it! Im currently in leeds, and I dunno whether to stay here, go home to Manchester or go somewhere completely new! xx

  6. congrats on reaching over 50 followers :) I hope i get to do a giveaway too! the weather is depressing where i live also. too much snow :(

  7. Yea more stories about NY please :D sounds hella interesting. I love watching tv shows from the start, fave one is Sex and the City, an episode a day after a loooong break, I'm so sad haha


  8. Im not a massive fan of SATC. i remember watching it when i was abit younger, but i wasnt in love with it like most people. I dunno, ill porbably have ago at watching it cause my sister has the "shoebox" complete series thinggy?

    Dan..what do u study? i say go out of your comfort zone. Although if its for a year, its a tad different i guess! lol. xx

  9. The British weather! Never want to get out of bed, i woke up this morning and it said it was -5! so sad.. xx

  10. i went to do xmas shopping in -4. and i had no coat. :( im getting depressed. it would be ok if there was snow, but noooo!! xx

  11. -4 with no coat! did you turn to ice? lol
    Also, since the snows starting to melt, its like a deathtrap the minute you walk out the door cause of the ice ! =.= x

  12. I love New York, I have visited countless times now, your experience sounds amazing!
    Also, I love friends too! Friends is always the answer if you need cheering up, my box sets have been used millions of times and I don't even think that's an exaggeration! ;D.

  13. hi steph! thanks for stopping my site!

    i've also watched the friends series hundreds and hundreds of times and i'm also watching it season per season! :P i still laugh at the same scenes even though i know what going to happen, i just love friends!

    also, you'll love the american office!! if you love friends, i'm sure you'll love the office! i know i do :D


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