Thursday, 9 December 2010


After waiting a month, today i finally received my Sleek order! Its been annoying me so much recently that i've had to e-mail so many different people, get no response, try an find a phone number (that doesn't work) and eventually go mad at the general manager. 

They had such poor customer service, to say the least. 

Yesterday, after waiting days for my order that was apparently dispatched Thursday of last week, i decided that enough was enough. I heard back from the general manager who told me it wasn't actually dispatched and it would be dispatched tomorrow (today) i went mental and replied with a pretty pissed off e-mail. I told him that id been waiting for far too long, i wanted my postage refunded and i wanted it sent by courier on next day delivery for the aggravation, annoyance and time wasting they had caused me (amongst lying, ignoring and being generally shit!) He replied and agreed, so it eventually turned up today. I don't think i've ever had to wait so long for a parcel that should supposedly take 3-5 working days.

Anyway, thats the downs, on the up side, the make-up is good and although it was a looong wait, it was worth it. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and the nail varnishes are surprisingly much better than i thought. I've already got quite a few sleek products, but i'm glad i did get the bits i bought as it comes in at such a steal for 50% off.

For anyone wondering, i would buy their products again, but from Superdrug. I'd never waste my time on their site. I didn't want this post to reflect how bad their customer service is or how not only me, but many other people have been pissed around by them, but the "50% off event" was completely un-organised and ridiculous. They need to work on the problems they encountered with this sale before they even conceder doing another one. (Which they are apparently doing, for anyone that missed out. Beware!)

I don't plan on really doing reviews or anything in this post as i'll wait till i use them, but for now, here's a few of the bits i got.

Did anyone else buy anything from them or try and get anything? How did you get along with it?


  1. great post, im jealous of your sleek order!!

    also, im having a giveaway if your interested :) xx

  2. Good for you demanding it be sent straight away.
    I have bought Sleek products, but from Superdrug, not online. I love their divine eye shadow palettes.

  3. They were brilliant when I ordered from them back in March.. must have changed!

  4. wow that really sucks about the customer service. be sure to do some reviews on the products you got! i've never tried sleek but i want to sooo bad!

  5. great blog!

  6. Maybe cause it was such a big sale they got super busy, so sad i missed that sale :(

  7. I bought the storm palette today and I love it! Such a bargain at only £5.99

  8. Thanks for the comment, Steph!
    I'm glad you finally received your package with all the goodies. They look fun. Can't wait to see the products on you!

    Thanks for visiting. Come again soon and follow me and I will do the same. :)

  9. I've been wanting the storm pallet but they dont sell it in the u.s. :(


  10. everyone seems to be so crazy about this brand, it makes me want to give it a try.Are they sold world wide?


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