Monday, 24 October 2011

Getting Hot Headed!

When it comes to appearance, there are few-things that bug me more than my hair. This is for a few simple reasons; 1. it never does what i want it to do. 2. it's only ever the colour i want it to be when i first dye it. 3. its too short and 4. its flat, limp and has no volume! The reason for the latter, is all of course my fault! As a kid, i would always wear my hair up, rarely would it be down,  and i was never afraid to experiment with hair dye or haircuts for that matter. One day i would have beautiful long thick locks and the next i 'fancied a change' so would get it cut short (and when i say short, i mean short!) i got my first straighteners back when i was in about year 9, they were absolutely rubbish, but if i knew then what i know now, i probably wouldn't have bothered.
Skip forward about 8 years and here we are today. Countless pairs of over-used straighteners, curlers, hairdryers and any other contraption thats been made to "make your hair look amazing" As a day-to-day routine, knowing full well, i still shamefully straighten my hair, as i'm sure the people in my office don't want to see my un-tamed barnett. But why can't i stop? 

(Here comes the lesson!)
Continually using heat on your hair damages the ends making them brittle and split. The only way to get rid of the brittle ends is to snip them off (but let's face it, we've been growing it for so long, the thought of having to get it cut is taking 10 steps backwards!) If you don't get your hair cut regularly, the split will go as far as it can, and you've got a tough job making it healthy again. 

A few simple steps can be taken to reduce the way you treat your hair though, and they're pretty simple.

1. When you've washed your hair, leave it to air-dry rather than blow-drying it. The moisture your hair needs is being taken away by using heat.

2. If you do insist on using straighteners or a curling iron, get one that has a temperature control on it. We all have a tendency of whacking it straight up as hot as it will go, but it will destroy your hair. GHDs may look good for that look, but ultimately your doing more harm than good!

3. Use a heat protector. Most hair care brands make their own version and they're not that pricey. they may not seem like they do a lot, but it's undoubtedly more than you realise.

4. Use velcro rollers for curling while your hair is still damp. That way you can still get the curl you desire, without any heat! 

5. Get a haircut - regularly!

6. Invest in a deep conditioner. (My favourite is Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smells gorgeous!)

My target for the next month is to dramatically cut down on the amount of heat i apply to my hair on a daily basis. 
(Although I'm sure ill dig the GHD's out for my graduation next month!)

So who's with me?!

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