Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hair Tutorial: Messy Side Bun

A hairstyle that im often wearing is a messy side bun. It works in either straight hair or curly hair and always looks good. 

I've also noticed loads of celebs rocking the messy side bun!

I generally straighten my hair first, just because it makes your hair slightly longer and neater. It doesn't have to be pin straight, but just tidy.

You Will Need:
 Hair grips

I hope this has been some use to you and you give it a go.

 I want to do more of these hair tutorials, but im not sure on the layout. Wether i should write over them, or maybe turn them into videos or something? Let me know what you think on the whole idea.

And if you do create the look, please take a picture and link me to it below! :) xx


  1. Wow that looks so pretty! I'm always trying to do a messy bun but I never seem to get it right, I might have to try this though x

  2. I'm so going to be trying this :)

  3. never thought to do it like this, defo gonna try it. I have so much hair though, not sure it'll work xx

  4. Thanks for this tutorial, it looks lovely x

  5. If you do give it a go, gimmee the link so i can see it girlies! :) xx

  6. looooveely tutorial!! xx thanks for commenting! xx :D

  7. Thanks hun! :) its from a bottle though! ha. x


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