Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Too good to be true?

In my last post i told you all about how i was going to Milton Keynes on Sunday, well while i was there i managed to pick up 3 more Models Own polishes. Quite often Boots run offers with Models own where you can pick them up on 3 for £10 (rather than paying £5 pet 14ml bottle) Seeing as how my obsession with the brand is growing by the day, i decided to pick up 3 that i didnt already own.
Nude Beige, Purple Mystique and 25 Carrat Gold. The gold is not one that i would generally buy as i cant see myself blinging up my nails with that colour, but for doing nail art, i think it will come in really handy. 

If you havn't already tried the polishes, they are very true to bottle colour and only take 1-2 coats. They, along with various other make up bits and pieces are sold in Boots and online.

The photo above are the ones that i currently have at home with me whilst being back for xmas break.  I didn't bring them all.
L-R: Grace Green, Nude Beige, Purple Ash, Purple Mistique, 25 Carrat Gold.

What are your favourite Models Own colours?


  1. i've never tried models own. hear everyone raves about them though...i'm always first to go to barry m! love a nude polish though! xx

  2. My only bottle of Models own I loved, Im gona head out to boots tomorrow and get some more, thanks for the heads up Steph (: xx

  3. @ Lulu, Nudes and browns are my fav's too! I love Barry m - mushroom. and models own nude beige. probs 2 of my fav general wear polishes. You really should give them a try! :)

    @ Christina, loads more of their stuff is on offer, like eye shadow and eyeliner and stuff. But the polishes are worthy investments ;) :p


  4. I need some models own beauty products x


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