Friday, 7 January 2011

Jibber Jabber 001

Hi guys, Im really sorry for not posting more recently.

After the rush of xmas and new year, i had planned on blogging, and tried my hardest last night, up until my laptop had a mind of its own again and then almost got thrown out of my window.
I have a macbook pro (the old style one) and i've had it for about 2 and a half years, and recently its all started bodging up. The click button doesn't work properly, (its as if something is stuck underneath it) the trackpad doesn't like me and decides to highlight everything when i try and move my finger, and when the power supply has been taken out for longer than 30 seconds, mighty mac just goes into meltdown and decides that's it. This has all only happened recently though. So this morning i decide to phone apple and when i look at the battery, look what i find..

i realise most of you probably don't care, but seriously, this was  is my battery. The man on the phone basically told me that i might have to buy a new one as it's not covered by applecare. So thats £140 down the drain (it would be less, but i have the 17") so my question to any of my faithful readers is has anyone else had a problem with their mac battery? if so, did anyone opt for a cheaper option? i've looked on e-bay and they're about £50. I've got to go to Milton Keynes on Sunday for an appointment with one of their genius people to see if there's any chance i can get a free one as the battery shouldn't do that. i'm not holding my breath.

Anyway, xmas and new year was good. i got a new camera, conical wand and some other bits and bobs. I havn't really bought too much in the sales. a new pair of pj bottoms, cheap xmas decs that caught my eye and the other day managed to pick up some of the accessorize makeup.

I've managed to watch all 3 series and the xmas special of Gavin and Stacey over the past 4/5 days, and i'm waiting for amazon to deliver the office so i can start on that. Unfortunately i never managed to watch all of friends, and with Joe not here, i cant carry on. Lame.

anyway, i hope you've all had a good week. Don't forget to keep a lookout for my competition which should *fingers crossed* be up within the next couple of weeks. :) Have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Oh no! Hopefully it can be replaced asap x

  2. hope you have a wonderful wknd! xx

  3. They really shouldnt do that haha, fair enough if it was your fault, but not like that. Hope you get it sorted soon :) xx

  4. I hope you get your battery sorted soon x

  5. Thanks girls. :) I guess ill have to wait and see what happens on saturday in MK. My mum keeps sayin to me "If anyone can get a free battery, its you" gobby/argumentative maybe? haha. x

  6. Hopefully they'll cover the cost of the battery, as it should't do that! Glad you had a good Christmas & New Years xx

  7. ohh..i hope they get it fixed with no cost! ;)

  8. My boy and I both have Macbooks and both our batteries died about 18 months after buying them so for xmas my mum bought us a battery each for the same price one from the Apple shop would be (so they were something like £47 each). I'll try and find out the website she got it from if you like as they work perfectly and delivery was good too :)

    Hope you can get it sorted through Apple though as your battery looks well and truely blown to bits x

  9. Thank you! that would be mega helpful. The people in MK basically just told me to buy a new one! :( he looked at the battery and told me it was normal. I think not! lol. x


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