Thursday, 20 January 2011

Batiste: Now for all hair colours.

Ever have those days where you need to wash your hair, or jazz it up a little bit when its dull but don't have the time? I'm sure many of you, like me, reach for your Batiste dry shampoo. 

I also know, that lots of people are hesitant of using it because of the grey/white powder it gives off, well for those of you that are a bit of unsure of using it because of this, Batiste are introducing 3 new shades of Dry Shampoo. They Say "The three new variants, each with a hint of colour to complement light and blonde hair; medium and brunette hair and dark and deep brown hair" So no more worrying about weather your roots look slightly lighter than usual!
"introduced a range of dry shampoos with a hint of colour specifically designed to complement your hair colour whilst instantly giving you clean, fresh hair full of body and texture. Left in at the roots, it’s great for blending in regrowth on coloured or highlighted hair and can even disguise stray greys too. Brilliant for banishing oily roots and freshening-up dull, lifeless hair – Batiste Dry Shampoo can now bring a little colour to your life!"

New Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of colour £3.05 from Boots, Superdrug and all good retailers and pharmacies.

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