Tuesday, 18 January 2011

ELF Polishes

I'm a bit late on this train really, but the other week i placed an order with Elf, it eventually turned up and here are the 3 polishes i bought.

L-r: Mint Cream, Desert Haze, Lilac.

I havn't properly used them yet, but the quick swatches i have done, they seem to need a few coats, but they are buildable and do seem to turn out okay. I plan on doing some nail designs tonight, so hopefully pictures will come tomorrow! :) 

The ones i bought, were (i think) only £1, some are £1.50. All available from the Elf website. Do you own any Elf polishes? What do you think of them? 


  1. wow they are such pretty colours, I hope I can get my hands on some here!

  2. I like the elf polishes a lot. I have some darker colors :)

    Charlene xxxx

  3. Lovely colours, I'm looking forward to seeing your nail art with them.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I've joined your followers xxx


  4. They all look pretty, especially Desert Haze!

  5. Those colours are so beautiful! I really need some pastel shades for the Spring...


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