Thursday, 28 October 2010

ELF goodies

On tuesday i ordered some goodies from the ELF website, just because i hadn't really tried much in the line of make-up. I own some of their brushes and some primer, but that's about all.
Anyway, my order arrived today, though on a disappointing note, one of the things i ordered wasn't actually in the box and i've still been charged for it? but i'm sure that'll be sorted tomorrow.
I thought id share with you my purchases. 
Mineral lipstick in Natural Nymph, cream eyeliner in Coffee (Studio line) and blusher in Shy (normal line)

The Lipstick is so creamy and runs over the lips like a dream, just a really nice lipstick to be wearing, and in such a beautiful colour too. (quite comparable to Barry M 101)
The eyeliner is far better than i expected. There doesn't appear to be that much in the pot when you see it from underneath, but having said that it takes me ages to empty one of these pots as i use kohl eyeliner on a day-to-day basis. However when applying this, i couldn't believe how creamy and nice it was. I decided to go for brown instead of black to see the difference in impact it had on my eyes, and i have to admit, i really like it.
The blusher is from the normal range, costing a mere £1.50. For the price, i cant really complain about the packaging, however, i still will. Its clearly cheap and flimsy and you can see underneath where the pan has been stuck to the plastic. Also, it doesn't say anywhere what the colour is, so you either need to remember or write it on it somewhere. However the blusher itself is still a pretty good purchase for the price!
The colour of the photo isn't quite true as its more rosey-pink than Bright pink.

You can buy any of these things at

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