Monday, 8 November 2010

Fat hair?

Recently, i was doing the rounds of the blogging world when i came across something i liked the look of. A blogger (sorry, i dont remember who) posted a little something about this stuff called "Sammy Fat Hair" the main aim of this product was to "amplify each hair strand" so your hair appears fuller and thicker.
I'm a mug for hair products that try to un-flaten your hair, mainly because my hair is so thin due to heat damage (but i still use my straighteners on a daily basis, purely because my natural hair isn't the nicest to look at)
Anyway, after watching a video of the magic stuff in action, i decided to trot down to Superdrug to pick some up.
It says on the bottle to use it on towel-dried hair, rub into your root and hair strand and then blow-dry as normal. I've done this a few times and also used it in dry hair.
I would say, although it's good its not quite the same as he shows on the video, however it rarely is.
When applying it to dry hair, it works, but it drops within about 30-40 mins.
I found when applying it to wet hair it worked much better, especially if you blow-dry your hair upside down to give your roots more volume, though i dont suggest using your hairbrush as this really just brushes it all out. Also, when its blow-dried, you can tell theres product in your hair. That feeling left when i straightened it, however it felt thicker and looked thicker. I wouldnt say it works all day though. So maybe keep it in your bag if your a teasing enthusiast. 
The price of the Thickening Creme was roughly about £6 for 150ML. 

What do you all think of it? Love it or hate it?

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