Monday, 7 March 2011

Steph Loves: Nivea Softpot

You'll have to excuse the fact i call it a softpot. One of my best friends used to work in Savers, she got me into the stuff and we would just refer to it as softpot. (probably because you can buy it in a pot or tube..)

Anyway, im sure you'll have all seen this before. Its nothing glamorous, or top of the range, but its one of my beauty picks to always keep in your handbag!

Mines a bit battered and bruised from being thrown around so much.

Nivea is one of those safe brands that sit on the shelf and sell loads of products, but noone really thinks about how good they actually are..

the intensive moisturising cream is suitable for your face, hands and body. Its packed with vitamin E and Jojoba oil.
The formulation is just right. It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and not greasy.

with the tube bring a handy 75ml its a perfect size for your handbag. Alternatively, you can now buy pots in 200ml or 300ml if you prefer them to stay at home.

I really can't rave about this product enough. If you want a cheap and cherful moisturising cream, then i really recomend the Nivea Soft range.



  1. I've never seen anyone else mention this product, but I swear by it. I keep some on my desk and one in my handbag. It's amazing, lasts forever and is so cheap! What more could we ask for? xxx

  2. i love nivea i usally buy those big blue pots and i use it onmy face all the time.. never tried this one before though.. might have to check that out

  3. cnat go wrong with nivea along with dove its one of my faves x

  4. Im glad im not the only one that loves this stuff! :) xx


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