Friday, 11 March 2011

Jibber Jabber 009

Morning guys!

Just realised that once again its friday and i still havn't done a jibber jabber.

I know i keep talking about work, and im sure its boring you all half to death, but im literally finish off my dissertation as we speak. 10,000 words very nearly done. I need to sort out the contents and re-arrange some of the chapters, then finish my introduction and write my conclusion. so not much. With any luck i can get it printed and bound today ready to be handed in by monday night.  I also have another project needing to be done by monday @ 5pm though (it'll get done though!) so thats really why i've not been doing a great deal of blogging. (Sorry!)

Did you all check out that groupon offer i blogged about? it was such a good deal i thought i would share it with you all! i think it may have finished now though. But there are quite often some really good deals on there so always keep an eye out for them!

I think lots of the creatives at my uni will be going out on monday night. By monday, all the creative courses on my campus will have given in their dissertations, whereas some of the more academic lessons don't need to be given in till May. So as a big celebration im sure we'll be off out for a few drinks. Since the beginning of my 3rd year we all tend to go out as a class when we've handed in for a deadline, but its such a big day for everyone, im sure a lot of people are going to be celebrating. On top of that, i think me and Joe were talking about heading to Birmingham for the day so i can check out the Forever 21 store that im still yet to see. I bought some bits from their New York store when i was there last year, so i hope its similar.

I know ive been terrible at blogging recently, but i promise that i will be doing more from monday. I have some hair tutorials that i want to do, some creative bits and a couple of reviews of products ive recently been loving or finished up.

I also bought a couple of make-up bits the other day from love-makeup and mandmdirect. I bought a few stila pans for a baralicious (tacky word, i know!) price of 99p! couldnt believe my eyes. Im sure when they, and the other bits arrive, ill be showing them to you. You should check out the websites if you havn't already!

Right, thats all from me for now, but please stick with me for the next few days, then i'll back on track with my posting. Dont forget you can always folow me on twitter too! x

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