Wednesday, 9 February 2011

jibber Jabber 006

I feel like such a bad blogger!

Its been the most manic week. Lots of work. a major deadline and then a night of partying (in true student style!) I finally handed in my awards brief on Monday and i can't tell you all how happy i am. I don't feel like i have to worry about those ones anymore, thankfully! I realised the other day though, that i now have only about a month to finish my dissertation and do my (what was supposed to be) "year long" project (that started in September - that no-one has started!) such a bad student. After the hand in, my class (and some extras) had a good old knees up in celebration. It was so nice to be out with my class for a change. 

Came back to Oxford today to spend some time with my mum and get my head down to work. Spending a couple of nights here then heading back to uni at the weekend i think. So nice to be home in my own room again. I managed to catch up with one of my friends earlier too. She's recently found out she's pregnant, im so excited and happy for her. I know she'll make a great mum. 

Can't express how much im loving Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Also, always seem to manage to miss glee on a monday. Yeah, im a gleek! I thought last weeks episode (duets) has been the best of this series so far, but i havnt seen this weeks. I heard something about schuh getting his body out? WHATTT?? Also, i keep missing Gossip Girl. Ive only seen one episode of this series. frustrating.

Joe told me yesterday that we're going on holiday to Italy in June. I can't explain how excited i am. I've never really been one to do all the touristy places, that's more my sisters thing. She loves traveling, and wants to see 30 counties by the time she's 30, but i've managed to beat her (seeing italy) with this one. We'll be flying into Milan and staying there the night, then heading to Lake Garda for a couple of nights, then spending the rest of the time in Venice. Im SO excited! We (me and my sister) were meant to go to Thailand back in September, but the date of getting back clashed with my first day back at uni, so i couldn't go. She still did though. I was gutted. Shes also going to Hawaii in September. Jealous much? :(

Just a quick reminder that my giveaway closes in just under a week, so go and enter it now. It is free after all!

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  1. I'm so jealous that your going to Italy! It's one place I've always really wanted to go xx


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