Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Do bloggers do hauls?

I popped into town today, primarily because i was super desperate for the barry m nail paint in mushroom and so i could pick up some bits before going back to uni. I didnt get too much, but i thought id share for you all to see :)
So just a quick overview. Scarf, nail varnish x3, sleek palette & ring.

for those of you that aren't aware, the sleek "circus" palette will stop being sold from today. (its limited edition) so throughout it being sold it was a "get it while you can" kind of thing. Anyway, im more about neutral colours, so added the sunset palette to my collection. I wanted the Circus one, but didnt think i would use it all that much. Im hoping the next one out is a wearable palette, as i wont be spending my money on the acid palette. I somehow also managed to talk my sister into getting the Storm palette. Not too sure how that happened, lol.

Double-fingered ring from Primark. Only £2, i've wanted one of these since i saw Lauren Conrad wear one. Ive got chubby fingers though, so getting one off the internet wasn't really an option :(. But i quite like its unusualness. 


I was super lucky to find the models own varnish. I was so close to ordering it off their website the other day, but resisted temptation, so when i was in boots today and found that they now sell models own varnish, i knew what one i had to get!
And of course i got Barry M in mushroom, and black. i have pale skin, so although it makes me look stupidly goth-like, its great for detailing, or if i decide to be daring. haha.

And here is what they look like on the nail. I didn't bother to paint a nail black because i didn't really see the point. It really is just a jet black.
Models Own - "Blue Moon"
Barry M - "Mushroom"

And lastly my scarf. One side if a creamy colour and the other the turquoise. Its still very creased so im just going to leave it for the time being so the creases can drop out of it. Super excited to wear this though! Again, bought from Primark for a mere £3!

Hope you have a great week guys & dolls. x

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