Tuesday, 31 August 2010


(sorry for the not very good pic)

I've had both sets of straighteners for quite a while now, and ive noticed a lot of people (mainly in the US) bang on about their CHI's (its not a very popular brand over here)
Anyway, on the left is my limited edition purple GHD's. They came in a carry case with a hairdryer and some clips and whatnot. On the right is the CHI Turbo's.

The CHI's are a good set of straighteners if you solidly want them for straightening rather than curling or doing any kind of weird and wonderful tricks with your hair. The plates are ceramic, but the outer shell is covered with a red felt-type material (the only plausible reason i can imagine this for, is so you can hold it close to the plate rather than the normal hand bit? so it means you cant really curl your hair with them.  The highest temperature you can reach with them is 180 degrees C/356 degrees F, so although they dont get as hot as the GHD's, you can limit the amount of heat you want your hair to get, by moving the dial up and down (as seen in the picture)

The GHD's on the other hand, are obviously a more well known brand. Dont get me wrong, i love them, not just for straightening my hair, i can curl, flick and pretty much do anything with them, but the one thing i dont like about them is the fact they get SO hot you cant adjust it. It literally takes 1/2 swipes of my hair for it to be straight enough for me to not have to keep going over it, but by doing that (and using heat protectant) i know its still damaging my hair, and i feel my hair deflating as the days go on. Anyway, they are a really nifty pair for doing all different things and highly recommended - if you doing mind scorching your hair.

As much as i hate using all the heat on my hair, i do tend to use my GHDs on a more regular basis than the CHI's, just for the pure ease and more straight look it gives.
But if your not after lots of heat and just want your straighteners to be straighteners, then opt for the CHIs. Theyre still a very good investment!

Whats your favorite brand of straighteners? 

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