Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Jibber Jabber 004

3 Posts in one day! Im on a roll!

Just a quick one today i suppose, i didn't manage to do my last jibber jabber till friday last week i don't think. Time really gets away from you sometimes doesn't it? I can't really say i've done much in that time, because i havn't. I have 2 projects on the go which ive taken a back seat on this past week, don't really know why, and my dissertation isn't going great at the moment. I promised myself fridays would be my "dissertation day" but somehow i blogged, played on my sega game that i got for xmas on joes ps3 and spent the rest of the time just visiting various websites. Im terrible with uni work, deadlines, anything like that! (Not a good quality for a soon-to-be-graduate!) -oh thinking about graduating, my uni doesn't actually graduate till NOVEMBER! we finish around may/june time. Is anyone else's like this? or is mine just being cheap or something?

As i'm sure most of you know its IMATS this weekend. I wont be going! :(. Its one of my housemates 21st birthday tomorrow, so 12 of us are off to Centre Parcs for the weekend. (The Longleat one!) If anyone has been there, let me know what's worth doing. Were all thinking paint-balling and quad-biking. Quite excited for it. We've got 2 cabins/houses/chalets? right next to each other, so it should be a laugh. 
Oh, while on the subject of her birthday, it falls on Australia day. (yay!) so we're all going out dressed as Australian-themed things. I think the birthday girl is going as a crocodile, one of my other housemates is a fosters can, Joe's going as Steve Irwin and i'm going as Terri Irwin (though neither of us look like either of them!) and my other housemate is going to be a flamin galah Not sure about others. Im sure photos will follow! (For anyone wanting to know, the fosters can is being made from one of those pop-up wash bins that's just been painted. We plan on doing a night out dressed as cans. Lame, but we are students after all! ha.

Finally got around to ordering a new battery for my mac. I can't bear it when the charger gets unplugged and it all switches off. Its supposed to be coming from Portsmouth, but is being sent to my house in Oxford, so that will the require a drive home to get it. Fun fun!

I went to watch Black Swan last night with Joe. Ive read other bloggers opinions on it, and seriously, there are no words than can properly  describe it. Its beautiful, strange, weird, tense and twisted all in one. My advise it to see it, if not for the fact that Natalie Portman plays her character amazingly, then for the story line which is full of twists.

I also just wanted to quickly thank Charlene for the Blogger Award! :)

What have you all got planned this week? Is anyone going to IMATS? x

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  1. Haha I love the fancy dress ideas, we are having a party at our place so wish we thought of that!!

    Hope you have a great aus day!


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