Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bargain Buys.

Like most students (in the UK?) i got my loan through recently. I know it's not something people like to really talk about, especially with all the student protests and stuff thats been going on recently, but ive been in desperate need of some new clothes forever for ages. Yesterday, when i took a quick trip to town, i managed to pick up a few pairs of tights in primark and some odds and sods elsewhere. The local Matalan here isnt directly in the centre of town, but its not far out, so i thought id take a walk there to see if i could find anything nice. I managed to pick up a few  things, but when walking past the jewelery stands on my way to the tills to pay, i came across these 

I'm not normally a massive ring person, but recently i've found myself buying more than usual, and in styles that originally i probably wouldn't have bought. The first one is a bird covered in little studs. The second one is a double finger ring that recently ive found myself loving. Ive got quite chubby fingers, so i need to find slightly bigger ringholes, but matalan always do theirs in different sizes which is always a bonus. Most of the jewelery i saw had been reduced by 70%! Both of these rings were originally £6, but with the markdown price (and student discount) i got them at £1.65 each! Baaaaaaaaaargain!


  1. I gave you an Award, please check it out on my blog: http://danceofthegods.blogspot.com/

    Charlene xxxx

  2. Such good buys!
    I'm kicking myself for buying the bird ring full price now!
    x x

  3. Beautiful rings, most defintely bargain buys! x


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