Saturday, 4 December 2010

Aussie Event

Evening Girlies,

Today i was lucky enough to attend the Aussie bloggers event in London. Me and the boyfriend (yes, i dragged him along) hopped on the coach then underground'ed it to Highbury and Islington to a little place called La Danza Studios.

The place was covered in pretty white xmas decs, branches and fairy lights. There were stalls where the Aussie Angels were painting people faces, doing make-up, decorating christmas cards and even selling some pretty jewelry. 

(as always, click on pics to enlarge)


On the outside of the room, little booths were set up for the stylists to make your hair the way you want it. Each booth was set up in a different way and represented the different range of products. I went to the volume one and got my hair a good seeing too so i had some more "oomph" The products smelt amazing and my hair looked Sooo nice.

After listening to the talks the girls had ready for us and having a few drinks, some food and some photos taken in the Aussie photobooth, we headed home with some goodies in our hands. Ill do them in a separate post though! :)

Thank you to all the Aussie girls for inviting me, i had such a good day & i hope to see you all soon. x


  1. woah, sounds like you had a fab day, nice :)
    looking forward to seeing the pics!


  2. I love Aussie products and they're even better when they're free.

  3. lovely!!
    kisses, Giulia

  4. Sounds like you had a good day! xo


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