Friday, 27 August 2010

One thing that really bugs me

So im a fan of nail design, nail varnish, press ons, everything, but i never understand why acrylics have to be ugly when they grow out.
I always try to keep my nails healthy and strong, and occasionally i treat myself to getting a set of acrylics (at a bargain price of £20, its not something to be turning your nose up to!!) and i try and keep them doing well, but when one goes, thats it, they really all have to go.
So about 2 weeks ago, one came..unstuck (for anyone who hasn't had acrylics, when i say unstuck, i mean the top is all good, but the bottom is starting to lift. and be aware that when it caches on your hair/clothes etc, it can be painful!) while at work. From that point i've been trying to get them all off, but its not happening very much. I heard the best way to do it was to let them soak in Acetone, only thing is, i cant find any pure. My nails varnish has it though.
Anyway, before you ask about in-fills. Just no. I really hate the liney look they give. And thats the end of my treat. So i need to get these buggers off. Anyone with any advice on how to get them off without ripping them, i will be extremely grateful.

ps. heres how my right hand is looking as we speak. Ergh...

Steph x

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