Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lets Talk Heat

Im quite a freak when it comes to keeping my hair in as good condition as i can make it. When i was younger i had really lovely thick hair, and as ive grown up ive used heat on it without heat protection, so my hair has become alot thinner and has much less "oomph". When i hit the age of about 15 i worked in a hairdressers and learnt an awful lot about what heat can do to your hair. Anyway, ive tried quite alot of different heat protectors, but here are some of the ones i have floating around my room at the moment. Some are a hit, and some are a definite miss.
(all are reasonably priced "drugstore" brands)
Andrew Bartons "The Straight Answer"
Wella Shockwaves "Tame It"
Schwarzkopf Pro Styling "Heat Protection"
Tresemme "Heat Defence"
L'Oreal Studio Line "Hot Straight" (old packaging) 

Obviously something that works for me, wont necessarily work for you, but my honest opinions are of that below:

Andrew Bartons "The Straight Answer"
I bought this for about £2 and have only ever seen it in Asda before, so i was quite skeptical about buying it, but i gave it ago. I think its better to spray in sections after you hair is dry as you can see visible results. It smells a lot like one of the TIGI shampoos, but i really dont remember what one. Maybe the damaged hair one? I don't know, anyway, my sister loves the smell, im not overly keen on it, but its not bad. Overall, the spray i feel works really well, especially for its cheap price tag. I will repurchase this when mine runs out.

Wella Shockwaves "Tame It"
I havn't really used much of this because im not overly keen on it. I really like the packaging and the smell, but if you use too much your hair goes greasy very easily. They recommend that you use it on wet hair before blow-drying, ive tried it on wet and dry and dont feel that its the best thing ive used. I like the idea its more of a cream than spray, but not one of their better products. It can work right, but it takes some getting used to and knowing how much to use. I just think it's much easier using a spray. (and far less sticky!)

Schwarzkopf Pro Styling "Heat Protection"
This one is a big fat no. I really dislike it and regret buying it. As you can see from the picture i've probably used it about 2 or 3 times, and each time it makes my hair look and feel disgusting. You know when you put hairspray or mousse in your hair and it like clumps you hair together? (for want of a better way to describe it) well thats what this does. Horrible horrible product. Definitely something i regret buying!

Tresemme "Heat Defence"
I love this product! when ive washed my hair i always spray it with this as i feel it works better in wet than dry hair. It smells lovely and although its probably the most expensive one (but still under a fiver) its quite often on offer in supermarkets. If your going to buy a cheap heat defence, get this one!

L'Oreal Studio Line "Hot Straight"
I've had this product for quite some time, and when i first got it i think i used it for the sake of needing heat defence, then i just used various other ones and one day found myself coming back for this one (hence the old packaging) After using the Tresemme one, i also run this one through my hair focusing mainly on the mid-lengths and ends to get any remaining un-touched ends. It smells amazing and even after blow-drying and straightening your hair the smell stays with you. (be warned, you might actually want to eat your own hair! :)) Again a very well worth product.

So overall, my recommendations are for the Andrew Barton one, the Tresemme one and the L'Oreal one.

What are your favorite heat defence's?

Steph x

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